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Virtue ethics essay 2

• Traced returning to the philosopher Aristotle, who rejected Plato’s metaphysical accounts of benefits as a ‘thing in itself’. Aristotle thought that all goodness is natural and psychological: just a part of getting human.

• Virtue Ethics makes ethical behavior into the target (telos) of life.

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• Aristotle puts frontward ‘aretaic ethics’ (from the Greek arête – ‘excellence’), stating that developing an outstanding character is definitely all-important, instead of following a pair of prescribed moral norms.

• The ultimate goal is definitely eudaimonia (‘flourishing’), for a individual who practises advantage will feel cheerful and content material.

Aristotle on Happiness and Virtue (AO1 material)

• Aristotle distinguishes among different types of satisfaction. Some seek out basic desires, others honour and respect, but the ideal thing is to be an admirer of careful consideration. Aristotle relation this as a virtuous philosophical ideal.

• A human being is a ‘rational animal’ capable of contemplate and value the pursuit if virtue. Therefore , we must make use of our cause to choose virtue.

• For Aristotle, the good lifestyle meant seeking the ‘doctrine from the mean’, that is, the reasonable balance in behaviour.

For example , if we are lacking in courage then simply we are cowards, but if we have too much bravery then we could rash. The virtuous person chooses the moderate position of smart courage.

• Aristotle identified doze key meaningful virtues, along with your five primary virtues and 4 intellectual benefits. For all of these, balance is the key to virtuous behaviour.

Additional Virtue Methods (AO1 material)

• The philosopher At the Anscombe asserted that contemporary ethics can be mistaken, because it has dismissed virtue in preference of theories with what goodness is usually. She advised that contemporary philosophers come back to personal advantage.

• Later, Alasdair MacIntyre in After Virtue argued that ancient societies were right to emphasise advantage. MacIntyre contended that the modern world could benefit from tallying what we worth as virtues and endorsing them rather of theories regarding good actions.

• MacIntyre suggested that modern day virtues includes: courage, rights, temperance, knowledge, industriousness, desire, and tolerance.

Strengths of Virtue Ethics (AO2 material)

• Sixth is v. E. allows that virtue changes with time: that’s reasonable.

• It is adaptable, because it does not prescribe set duties. • Martha Nussbaum argues that V. Elizabeth. is ‘holistic’ – considering personal wellbeing.

Weaknesses of Virtue Integrity (AO2 material)

• Versus. E. would not give very clear guidance, contrary to Kantian Integrity or Normal Law.

• It doesn’t deal with the condition of nasty people who think they are right.

• Some things are absolutely incorrect (Louis Pojman suggests torture). V. Electronic. does not decide even the simplest or essential moral restrictions.


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