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Veracode glba compliance answer

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Veracode’s on-demand application security testing remedy allows banks to quickly and cost-effectively meet GLBA compliance as part of their overall security software to protect buyer information. Impartial testing against industry benchmarks allows agencies to demonstrate to auditors that they can be compliance with relevant sections of GLBA following a recommended interagency guidelines making use of the FFIEC Data Security Guide:

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Risk Evaluation Veracode software testing enables organizations to assess risks and vulnerabilities in software that handles non-public customer data.

Data Security Approach ” Put into practice outsourced secureness testing with Veracode to get greater knowledge, range of assistance and lower costs as part of FFIEC recommended tactics.

Security Controls Execution ” Veracode enables financial organizations satisfy FFIEC requirements for code review, acquiring software creation acquisition.

Security Monitoring ” Adhere to requirements for periodic tests for technical vulnerabilities and penetration screening by an independent organization that specializes in application protection testing just like Veracode.


Ekran System is secureness software that could make meeting GLBA requirements more affordable. It helps you develop a better plus more efficient GLBA compliance details security plan that will at some point allow you to accomplish full compliance with minimal spending.

Meet GLBA compliance requirements with a one easy-to-use option

Ekran Strategy is designed to generate video recordings of all user activity in any machine or desktop. The solution uses advanced indexed video file format with additional text record data that contains the names of all launched applications, names of all active windows, all frequented URLs, performed command, and entered pressed keys. It features powerful report-generating tools in a position of creating many customizable reports designed for convenient search and analysis. With Ekran Program, you can obtain internal visibility on your Home windows, Linux, Unix, and Cirtix based endpoints.

Rendering this data to external auditors may speed up and help you minimize the cost of an review process. As being a monitoring and security application, Ekran System can be successfully used as part of a GLBA compliance solutions suite allowing you to cost-effectively achieve successful implementation of all restrictions. You can try a free of charge demo and find out Ekran Program in action for your self.

Trustwave Solutions: GLBA compliance

Trustwave provides a thorough portfolio which will help organizations of any size respond to GLBA regulations.

Plan and Prepare

Performing a Risk Assessment may be the first step to identifying and implementing shields necessary to fulfill compliance. The customizable examination, scaled individually for your financial institution, include id of key assets and IT systems, assessment of controls and frameworks and a review of third-party providers and incident response programs.

Address Spaces and Weaknesses

GLBA requires companies to safeguard customer data and details, whether it’s becoming collected, placed or sent.

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