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Using research (eating Christmas in the Kalahari) explain how social ...

Using research (eating Christmas inside the Kalahari) make clear how social actors give meanings for their actions through social interactions. Also consider just how this can bring about cultural disbelief.

In ‘Eating Christmas in the Kalahari’ Rich Lee gets rid of an Ox for Christmas dinner. Rich kills a large ox for the group to eat on Christmas but instead of becoming greeted while using tribe saying well done for killing this kind of a big ox like this individual clearly expects he is approached with tribesmen telling him that the ox is just bone tissues and how nobody will consume or party on Holiday. The tribesmen are the interpersonal actors in their Culture, the Kalahari and Richard Shelter is a sociable actor via another culture, America.

As they are from several cultures their actions plus the way they will act will be different because they may have completely different cultural statuses so the way they act socially will be different. The! Kung provide this reaction to the ox because consider that zero man needs to be greater than another man simply because he can take the tribe foodstuff and they don’t want one to be pompous.

Richard misinterprets their activities and feels bad, when he believes which the tribe will not have a good Xmas because of his misjudgment although learns in the long run that it was how they acted. In every traditions there are sociable actors and social statuses but for just about every culture these social statuses may be diverse which means just how people take action are different too. Because in every single culture people have different roles this will bring about misunderstandings mainly because different functions have a multitude of meanings in separate cultures as Richard Lee finds out.

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