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Use of new technologies in manufacturing article

Use Of Pressure, Porters Five Forces, Disruptive Innovation, Information Technology

Excerpt from Article:

Only by taking into account these kinds of factors and planning ahead for them will the ethical and privacy implications of these innovative new systems be maintained transparently. Major on accountability and ensuring each work flow throughout a developing operation can be abiding by simply governance requirements is essential intended for protecting customer, company and supplier info. Too often suppliers become also enamored with technology alone and miss to see the broader ethical and privacy ramifications of their decisions to invest in data-centric initiatives. Hard reality is the more data-centric an motivation is the even more oversight it requires to ensure ethicacy and quality, and most of most to protect the information that is literally moving unguaranteed throughout creation processes literally 24 hours a day.

How Information Technology Affects an Organization’s Strategic Situation

The collection of nascent technologies mentioned by Columbus (et. al) in the recent Forbes article considered together become accelerators around all five dimensions with the Porter Five Forces Model. Beginning with the Threat of Substitute Goods, the advent of big info analytics has the potential to reduce production costs while raising supply chain coordination, bringing about a wider variety of substitute goods for suppliers. Taken through an industry worth chain, this translates into the redefining of your entire market. Analytics combined with the performance profits from development efficiencies also increases the negotiating power of suppliers, many of that can gain greater insight into how best to deal with their own supply chains for greater competition. The series of technologies described by Columbus (et. al. ) also provide immediate implications on the harmonisation of suppliers network-wide as well. Big info analytics is directly causing the development and launch of new market traders today as well, and this applies across most manufacturing sectors. Insights gained from big data stats can also provide observations into just how best to combination dissimilar components together and create totally new solutions to complex challenges. The fourth component, bargaining benefits of buyers, is usually being faster by all of the technologies stated in the content as well. Purchasers are more and more sophisticated and are changing the cadence of evaluation, purchasing and service strategies for every manufacturers. This really is occurring around all developing industries today as the accumulated effects of these technologies continues to give new meaning to the structure of industry value organizations. The accumulated effect of these kinds of technologies around the four surrounding elements can be ultimately seen from their effects on the intensity of rivalry across diverse industries. The amount of rivalry and relative level of intensity is definitely directly proportionate to how fast specific industry’s benefit chain is usually moving in the direction of commoditization. This is also predicated on how well each industry participant is implementing technology while an fender vs . detractor to their general strategic growth. For many producers, the collection of those technologies means they have entirely new numbers of performance readily available yet in the price of increased ethics and privacy oversight.


Nascent systems including big data stats, mobile and robotics have the prospect to completely restore entire industrial sectors. Only simply by considering how each of these technology can play a role in greater organization performance whilst staying within ethical and privacy recommendations can a manufacturer attain performance increases while staying in ethical alignment to governance requirements. The implications of the technologies in accelerating the performance is clear; it is about each manufacturer on how they will manage the tradeoffs natural in every single. Only by creating a great ethical oversight and governance program can any manufactures hope to develop the inherent risk of company, consumer and provider data being comprised. For people technologies to deliver the completely realizable value, these factors need to be taken into consideration.


Columbus, Louis. “Big Data Analytics, Mobile Solutions and Robotics Defining the continuing future of Digital Factories. ” Forbes. com. Forbes, 15 Feb. 2015. Net. 18 Scar. 2015.

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