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Understanding processes and procedures intended

Understanding processes and procedures intended for storing and retrieving details 1 . one particular Explain the purpose of storing and retrieving necessary information The objective of storing and retrieving details is that if you needed to get in touch with them once again or band them again ” you should have their data there for you to retrieve. Therefore any improvement is made, you are able to update this or produce notes in what is relevant if one other colleague should access these details. It is also significant because if the customer rings you, plus the person who they’ve been dealing with is definitely not in, you can look at the info already stored for this person and be able to help them with what is required, so you will be up to date as well.

1 . two Describe distinct information systems and their main features


Other ways to store information are directories, which include any information you find strongly related the business and various types of databases, just like; * A Trades data source for if you require any plumbers, decorators, glazers which includes name of the organization, contact number and names.

* A Tenant’s directories which include mobile phone numbers, emails price requirements. * A landlord’s databases including their current address, a list of the property’s around and their brands. C. A. R. T

This is a programme in which you store all information on about the properties. This can include let real estate, un-let properties, landlords and their details, renters and ex lover tenants.


Filing information pays to in an office because enables you to go straight to the file you want as well as the information ought to be in order looking forward to you to receive out. As well files are a good way to update information as you may just edit the information which in turn needs changing or changing for the next period the data file is needed and everything is up to date. 1 ) 3 Make clear the purpose of legal and efficiency requirements pertaining to the security and confidentiality of information The statutory requirements for the safety and confidentiality are the data protection action 1998.

The organization should have usage of the information, nevertheless , regardless of the sort of information elizabeth. g. drafted, typed or perhaps on a repository it should be placed safely. Details should not be directed at any 3rd parties except if the legal courts demand this or unless the person of who it truly is about, features authorised it. 1 . four Explain the goal of confirming details to be kept and recovered Big companies will need to store a lot of information and data, therefore virtually any “unwanted or perhaps irrelevant info would be a great unproductive utilization of time and space on their data source or programs, which is why confirming data is important. When you obtain data, you do it for a explanation; therefore if you are to access data that is out of data or incorrect there would be zero benefit for you personally and could quite possibly create even more problems. 1 ) 5 Explain ways of looking at information of accuracy

Ways of checking details for accuracy and reliability can be a trusted database, or perhaps an information software programme just like C. A. R. L. The information staying held can range from the employee’s salary for the names and addresses of customers. 1 . 6 Explain the goal of checking details for accuracy and reliability The purpose of examining information intended for accuracy as if the company would be to pay a landlord although accidently paid them an unacceptable amount and this had not been inspected, then this may cause several problems. One more example is that if someone was making use of or enquiring about the tenancy of the property and you had taken down their incorrect details or contact number this would be a problem while the information will be incorrect.

Information accuracy could affect a business’s financial goals and objectives and if the info is not really corrected or accurate, this may create very serious challenges in the business. 1 ) 7 Describe the purpose of providing information to agreed file format and timescales In a organization there are agreed formats to make documents with agreements, on what information will be used on these kinds of formats. In the event that these are not done correctly or in the correct structure they will need to be re-formatted, that may not be good for the business enterprise and also will require up as well as may not meet the timescale. In the event the information needed does not meet the timescale it may be considered pointless as time in which it absolutely was needed is long gone.

1 . 8 Describe the types of information which may be deleted Corporations will always be collecting new data and renewing existing info. Types ofinformation that a firm may erase is old data, away of data info, or details which has hardly ever been applied as this will likely take up storing space. Every business has a plan where it informs you of how extended data must be kept intended for before you can eliminate it, consequently these policy’s must be fulfilled before eliminating the data next confidentiality methods. These include the deletion of electronic information and permanently destryoing the daily news information, or any type of information well suited for shredding. 1 ) 9 Illustrate problems that may possibly occur with information devices and how to deal with them when necessary Information systems are the most important things to a business as they incorporate all the information of everyone in the company, customers, clients, tenants and landlords will be on these programmes along with employees’ salaries and private information.

Several problems that might occur with technological info systems are viruses for the systems or any type of hackers who is going to access the knowledge. Physical/paper data could get harmed with any fires or by water damage. Any type of details left lying about or available to the general public or taking into consideration anyone beyond the company could possibly be dangerous as well. Ways to deal with these danger is to install anti-virus programme on your computer or the technology you will work on to stop viruses and not to open ay suspicious emails or ones which come with a warning. You should store all the details in a secure place for example a safe or something which has a password that is to be kept safe. You must back up information in case of damage or any harm. Paper information/physical information could be laminated to aid in case of virtually any water destroyed and be stored in a fire evidence cabinet or safe.


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