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Understand how to safeguard the well being of children Essay

Concerns Risks Possible Consequences Getting Online Issues Risks Likely Consequences Cellphone Area Techniques for reducing risk Social networking1. Restrict access to social networking sites.

The majority of social networking sites have age limitations so be sure they comply with this. Talk to the children/young people regarding predators about never talking to strangers, conference them and so forth Internet use. Monitor children’s online activity and block site’s that are inappropriate and limit how much time the child/young person spends on the net.

2 . Inspire children/young individuals to talk to you about things that might be going on on-line and guide these people in the right direction. This will help to them to identify the dangers that could develop Buying online1. There exists a risk of other folks hacking into your computer towards your identity this can be minimised with a firewall. A firewall may help by preventing hackers or perhaps malicious application from gaining access to your info. There is a risk to young persons of fraud (your card particulars being used by an unauthorised users) while buying on-line.

This can be prevented by using a secure payment system (PayPal), this enables one to buy from multiple online shops pay using one particular account build by PayPal. Using a mobile phone. A risk of them becoming attacked if they have costly phones. Acquire a cheap payg phone so they can use at school or clubs this will minimise the danger and still permit the child/young person to have access to a telephone. There is a risk to their health by means of cancer/tumour, they can reduce the risk by utilizing landline cell phones, hands free, deafening speakers or perhaps blue the teeth.

If the cellphone is placed a few ins away from the ear canal or a fraction of the time made on phone calls most likely use sms instead of ringing a friend, this could make a difference.

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