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Types of math found in a nursing career term paper

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Types of math used in a nursing profession

Math utilized in a medical career in addition to everyday life

Nursing staff use math on a daily basis: on a very basic level, simple math is required to keep track of supplies, individuals, hours performed, and other logistical issues. Math is used to include up a patient’s calorie needs, to compare the patient’s lab readings just like cholesterol to that particular of the standard population, as well as to assess the affected person overall because of different demographic groups and lifestyle practices. For example , a, healthy, adult male will need more calories from fat to support his activities compared to a sedentary one. Expected essential data on health such as blood pressure and cholesterol will change depending on the patient’s age, sexuality, health and market status.

As a result, mathematics can be an issue of life and death. Probably the most important ways that nurses use math each and every day is once calculating how much of a particular medication to provide a patient. “Nurses and other allied health professionals must understand medicines and their operations to people. Although the doctor and pharmacist play essential roles, the nurse or other professional gives the medications to the individual and MUST be accurate in dosage” (Baiyasi 2001). The application of ratios and proportions are useful to establishing dosage: for instance , a doctor may be up against the following issue: “suppose a drug will come in tablets of 150mg. The dosage bought is 375mg. How many tablets are needed? inch (Baiyasi 2001).

Nurses involved in research or possibly a nurse who uses evidence-based practice need to evaluate figures and proportions to determine the best suited course of action for a client. The deployment of statistics simply by nurses stretches back to Florence Nightingale and beyond. “Systematically collecting, studying, interpreting, distributing, and employing health info is essential to understanding the health status of any population, to assessing progress, and to preparing effective reduction programs” (Schloman 2001). A nurse should be able to evaluate if a analyze produced a statistically significant result, in case the results were tightly related to her patient’s population, of course, if the research was conducted within an accurate fashion.

Mathematics is necessary in many parts of life, not simply those confined to a nurse’s professional lifestyle. Math enables a cook to cut straight down a menu to size using jeu or to estimate how various hours it may take to prepare a Thanksgiving holiday

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