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Two particular occurrences or events in a health

Describe possible priorities and replies when working with two particular incidents or emergencies in a health and social care placing. In into the social treatment there are a lot of techniques and precautions put into place to ensure that accidents may occur, but no matter how careful organisations will be with such incidents there is no way seriously of avoiding them. In health and sociable care a lot of risk assessments will be taken to guarantee the place is secure but naturally there is even now a few issues that are unstable or accidents like this would not occur.

The staff’s work then should be to work out so what happened and how to minimise the risk of it happening again. An emergency is normally unexpected, certainly not planned, harmful and sometimes life threatening. Some incidents that can happen include: fire’s, flood’s, experience of infection, exposure to chemicals, thieves, aggressive and dangerous runs into and mistreatment ” I will be talking about two of these, the concerns information and justify them.

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Fire can be quite a very harmful occurrence and is very unpredictable; this is why it may cause panic in the place. The first step in each time a fire is occurring is too allow everyone in the building know what is going in, this is basically done by increasing the fire alarm for everyone to know, and then well for someone to engagement ring emergency solutions. Although it could cause panic it should be done to start off evacuating the building, but you should not leave house because you’re not to prioritise yourself a lot better than service users, your responsibility of care is to look after the support users so you must assist individuals who are less able than you for example , handicapped, small children, constrained mobility, hearing/visual impairments as well as the elderly. Eliminating the services users through the care residence or exactly where you happen to be could be a trial because a large number of may be constrained from range of motion. The 1st people to get in the act of a fire is people that can walk and don’t have mobility problems because they are the best to remove you should then will leave your site and go to the service users that have mobility concerns or may be bed ridden, because you would probably need a couple of staff to get a service end user down that is certainly struggling.

Also get these service users down the stairs an emergency stair lift can be at the top of the steps and should be taken in the event of a fire, once you imagine that all of the service users are away you should send the specified person into see if the area is clear. All their medicines will be in the building and some could possibly be due to be used, this could damage their well being if medications aren’t taken at the accurate time and also many of them could be burnt apart if they will aren’t used with you, it might also be a risk of disease because in the event that you where in a medical center and this took place an outbreak could happen if perhaps certain illnesses aren’t take care of and they also could possibly be passed around.

Another thing that may occur may be the smoke off of the fire, if the service customer has inhaling and exhaling difficulties or perhaps has breathing difficulties this could have an impact on their wellness, the assistance user’s family members must be known as as well thus they know very well what is going in. You should also consider the fire could’ve been a great act of sabotage and you must workout where this started and how if there is the building kept. Service user’s safety is in risk because they may die in case of the fire, a staff member could possibly be pregnant, there safety are at risk therefore is there infant’s, so I think they must be evacuated initially to increase both of their safety.

It is important to maintain dignity the moment removing support users from the area and too support emergency solutions with the expulsion of services users, with all the role penalized first aid trained; you might be able to help specific people another parts of the emergency services are occupied. With their getting most staff will be aiding service users this gives the chance for a feasible theft to take place within the building. The respond to this occurrence I think would be to do a risk assessment and too lift weights where the reason for the problem started, I think this can be a best thought because crisis services i actually. e the police would get engaged and it will be in more interesting depth, this way the organisation may prevent or minimise one other fire from occurring.


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