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Two distinct paths innovative writing

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Elders, and especially elder females, feature seldom as protagonists in materials. Phoenix in “A Donned Path” simply by Eurdora Welty and the grandmother in “A Good Gentleman is Hard to Find” by Flannery O’Connor provide highly effective examples of just how elder females can display core styles. Although they are from different backgrounds and have distinct life encounters, both parent women are in the to the south and share several common personality traits like stubornness.

Neither from the senior ladies in “A Worn Path” and “A Good Man is Hard to Find” enables their age to dictate the actual can or perhaps cannot carry out, and in fact, seem young than their particular years. In “A Donned Path, ” Phoenix Knutson is identified as “very old and little. ” Your woman walks having a cane and she has lines and wrinkles, but her hair is definitely “still dark. ” She also notes, “I wasn’t because old?nternet site thought, inches after aiming on her small journey. Furthermore, The grandmother in “A Good Guy is Hard to Find” features few overloaded geriatric features, dresses ornately, and believes of their self as a “lady. ” Just like Phoenix, the Grandmother is going on a trip that is the understanding element of their particular stories. Both women are referred to as their job as “granny” or “grandmother, ” a designation that refers as much to their position as aged people in the community as to their truly having grandchildren. While Phoenix, az is black and the Grandmother in “A Good Person is Hard to Find” is white, both these styles the old women have were living their whole lives in the south. Their age imparts loads of experience in how they see the social conventions that have changed over the years and remain connected to their earlier via reminiscence.

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Although all their journeys take them to different areas, both grandmums encounter that gun in the story that boosts questions regarding morality and values inside the South. For Phoenix, the void of race really does play in her conversation with the guy with the firearm. When he items it by Phoenix, the girl does not flinch. Instead, the girl “stood direct and faced him. inches Previously, the man experienced said, “I know you old colored people! Wouldn’t miss gonna town to find out Santa Claus! inch The ethnicity reference brought on a “a fierce and different radiation” in the old girl, which was probably due to her having existed a whole lifestyle filled with ethnicity epithets. She does not allow it bother her, nor the gun. She stands up to this man, just as the grandmother in “A Good Guy is Hard to Find” truly does. The man explains to Phoenix, “You must be 100 years old, and scared of absolutely nothing. ” Even though the Grandmother in “A Good Man is difficult to Find” does seem to be scared, the lady does discuss directly while using Misfit in a way that reveals her courage.

The key difference involving the Grandmother in O’Connor’s history and Phoenix, arizona in Welty’s is that the last mentioned comes across while wiser in her years, which is why she lives to find the end of her history. The Grandmother in “A Good Man is Hard to Find” simply cannot keep her

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