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Tv character brian griffin is exploration paper

Personality, Multiple Character Disorder, Dogs, Personality Disorders

Excerpt by Research Conventional paper:

When neither of his father and mother were substance abusers, they were also normal dogs. It is also possible that Brian’s abnormal mother nature as a doggie with human qualities might leave him with root identity issues, however. These issues may reveal as narcissistic personality disorder in Brian. The character has a strong feeling of entitlement and feels superior to other folks. Yet his outcomes happen to be seldom good and this may in fact reinforce Brian’s underlying feelings of inferiority. The very fact that he could be superior to different dogs but as a dog can be inferior to humans can be described as potential cause of narcissism but there is insufficient data for a total diagnosis.

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Brian’s behavior patterns represent abnormality in that he at times locates his having becoming an obstacle to achieving his goals, also because his drinking is a system by which to acquire the his actual issues. Without point will the drinking actually help him address individuals issues, therefore the issues turn into unresolved. If he has addressed his unreturned love, for example , he is not able to effectively come to terms with it and ends up drinking again. His drinking has additionally caused complications with associates at times, especially friend-of-a-friend Glen Hell to pay, with which Brian comes into discord in the past. These types of conflicts at times come from the insensitive remarks Brian makes when he has been having. The repeated pattern of difficulties that Brian features with respect to his drinking indicates that his abnormal behavior is related to one or possibly multiple psychological issues.

It is conceivable that in the event that Brian got more duties, his having would obstruct upon all of them. His comparative lack of responsibilities as a dog makes it more challenging to provide an effective analysis, but when this individual gives himself responsibilities including writing, he does are unsuccessful in them. In addition , his behavior needs to be classed as abnormal because he has very clear underlying issues that cause the symptomatic drinking. This allows intended for better medical diagnosis and eventually the possibility of treatment, if the consuming can be halted long enough for a few of the actual issues to get addressed.


The character of Brian Griffin demonstrates irregular behavior in the alcohol abuse. The alcohol abuse appears to be his system for dealing with problems of anxiety and relationship issues. He has unanswered, unreciprocated, unreturned love and this impacts his ability to deal with the world normally. He has a unique intricate stemming via having a position in life penalized superior to other dogs, although inferior to other individuals. This condition borders on narcissistic personality disorder but does not fit the criteria perfectly. This example, however , could possibly be at the root of his relationship problems, and ultimately contributes to his abnormal behavior.

The character’s having impacts on his ability to both deal with his underlying complications or to function effectively in society. Even in his limited role in life, he is not successful, often because of his drug abuse. His part in the demonstrate is as a complementary figure and sometimes tone of voice of reason, a role that may be contradicted by simply his substance abuse. As the show offers progressed, Brian appears to have grown to be less capable of coping with others, spending more time in political ranting and engaging incompatible than about how to build meaningful provides with the various other characters.

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