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Three musketeers by alexandre dumas term paper

Romanticism, Fictional, Novels, Literary Theme

Excerpt from Term Paper:

This breakthrough was maliciously divulged by the Cardinal Richelieu, who desired to bring bad to the Full as his way of scheming against Ruler Louis XIII’s leadership in France. Coitus was a practice acknowledged to happen rampantly yet done with discretion, because this remains a taboo in seventeenth century world, wherein the novel was set. For this reason the Musketeers deemed this necessary that in order to help the Queen ‘save face’ by potential humiliation, they must be able to re-procure the diamonds the Queen acquired given her lover, which the Cardinal maliciously requested the Queen to wear in a cultural, public function for the King. Because reflected in the novel, the apparent disquiet that this revelation about the Queen’s extra-marital relationship was explicated by Dumas in the novel: “… the redness from the queen’s eye donated that she was sleepless or tearful. But this previous circumstance had not been striking, since the queen since her marriage acquired slept badly and wept much. “

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By completing the task of restoring the Queen’s prize by re-procuring the jewels she offered her fan, d’Artagnan was accomplishing the principles he had lived by as a part of a noble and well intentioned company. From this particular instance, romantic chivalry occurred due to congenial romance between the Princess or queen and the Musketeers. The action of ‘saving’ the California king was a motion made by the Musketeers out of their admiration for her, and the willingness to be on a mission for her was obviously a reflection of their willingness to help redeem the glory that could be misplaced as a result of Capital Richelieu’s malevolent intent (“… the full… whom the cardinal persecutes… “). Collington (2002) agreed that situations in the novel, such as the conserving of the Queen’s honor from your shame of her adultery, reflected the combination of “great love account, heroic excitement, and politics intrigue” that Dumas’ novels, such as “Musketeers” were reputed for (113).

Romantic chivalry was also proved in the relationship between d’Artagnan and Constance. The “great love story” element that Collington explicated earlier became most relevant when it comes to Constance, since the concept of intimate chivalry was illustrated throughout the love that both character types have for each and every other. Because of the love, it is not necessarily surprising then that d’Artagnan would desire to save Constance in the hands of Milady and Capital Richelieu. In this case, however , chivalry’s cause was changed coming from well-meant work of redemption to a particular mission, which is to save Constance from the hazard that the Primary and Milady posed on her behalf. This unique mission was interpreted while an event in which “one person in a group has a cause, a cause for which he must risk his lifestyle. His friends join him, and in turn risk their lives, not since they talk about a idea in this cause, but as they are loyal to him” (Fromkin, 2006: 20).

Lastly, the act of chivalry differed when the Musketeers dealt with Milady, wherein there was clearly a change from passionate to realistic chivalry. Dumas’ description of Milady’s character reflected her tenacity while an arrest and lawbreaker, which allowed the Musketeers to become more antagonistic with her: “Milady was like a good general whom contemplates at the same time victory and defeat, and who is quite prepared, according to the chances of the battle, to march forwards or to beat a retreat. ” Valiance became logical, in this case, because the Musketeers recognized that Milady was a callous enemy, which their work of ‘saving’ her was an take action of ‘redemption, ‘ wherein they rescued her via further commitment of criminal activity and offenses. Her fatality, in turn, started to be the Musketeers’ redemption through the offensive acts they have devoted to an unfortunate woman like Milady.


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