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This place is called skid row in skid line there

Homelessness, Skid Line

Goal and Declaration of the Problem

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Homelessness effects a large number of people throughout the world, however We plan to narrow my research to only what is found in America. According to Rosenheck: “estimate that 8. 5 , 000, 000 Americans skilled homelessness among 1985 and 1990. This figure is usually two to three times that of earlier estimates. ” ( Rosenheck, 1994). Although this was several years ago, the number seems to be expanding quite rapidly. Within just my exploration of this trouble, my central question will be what is the simplest way to help relieve homelessness in America. It may be impossible to completely eliminate homelessness, although I feel the United States could feasible decline these kinds of numbers drastically.

In this conversation you will see many primary discussion details. I hope to supply some history on the subject, shine a few light in to the problems, present insight coming from an interview with a professional, and discuss what you can do to help correct this problem. Like a Social Function major, this matter is very important in my opinion. Until coming to the United States, My spouse and i never really saw homeless people. In my nation we have, although not like right here. I have experienced several destitute persons while living in Erie. Each time I realize them, I feel a great sense of sympathy towards them. I want to study all I am able to and then perform as much for them as seemingly possible.

Homlessness can effect practically anyone and there are several causes as to why one could find themselves in these types of predicaments. Generally people are not concerned with problems unless it can be effecting all of them first hand. Even though I myself and not homeless, I feel problems are very essential and ought to have to be talked about.


As stated previously mentioned, before going to Erie I have never truly seen homelessness. I know the basics of this matter but in no way the seriousness. I understand that homelessness are located in every single region, can happen quickly and suddenly, and the answer is no easy one or possibly unsolvable. I understand that alone, I will never be able to solve this issue, but with the assistance of others it could be reduced and more programs to assist can be released. I will make an effort to educate not simply myself yet others equally.

I will need to investigate a lot in this project in order to know as much as possible. By doing so I will see the place that the problems lay and it will help me grasp a better plan in the long run. I will look to academic periodicals, professionals, and other faucets to acquire this required information. I wish to know every thing about the topic and become even more educated.

Since each culture looks problems similar to this one, it is extremely culturally essential. Where one may live could also affect these types of situations as well. In some poorer countries, not much aid is given. From the things i can see the United States offers several programs, on the other hand there are still thousands of people still during these situations. Thus for whatever reason, there are either too little programs and also the information can be not achieving these populations.

There are numerous people who will find interest in these types of topics. For beginners anyone employed in social savoir would most likely be interested to begin with. Along with people or families actually experiencing the problem. I believe it is all of our responsibilities to aid those who are less fortunate. For people of religion, this is a central topic and requirement. My intended audience exceeds my tutor and school and should go towards good friends, family, and strangers alike.

I really believe this is the most significant topic through this period of time since there is a great requirement of new concepts regarding this situation. I say this kind of because I realize homeless sleeping outside every day. These people go without food, water, and shelter that is certainly a problem by itself. If more people do not work towards a remedy more and more people will discover themselves destitute. I was very used this problem since I would wish to see the time when this is certainly all eliminated. It makes me unhappy knowing I possess more than what I need while others have practically nothing. My ideas for this subject came from seeing these people inside the downtown. A couple of times I am asked for funds and this breaks my personal heart understanding that no matter what We give it cannot be enough.


Just for this section I would like to include an interview I did with my advisor Dr . Baker. He has his doctite in Social Work which is currently a teacher for Gannon School. I feel anybody knows about this topic, that is definitely him.

Have you at any time worked with destitute populations? If so what had been the details?

I have individuals the desolate population in Erie as 1995, over 20 years immediately. My function has been mostly with New Life City Mission, Erie School District Student Assistance Program intended for Homeless Pupils, Community Refuge, Mental Health Agency, Salvation Army, plus the Community of Caring?

What age are most of these people?

Age interval is usually wide ” from 12 to 8 decades.

What programs are available for them in Erie?

There are many courses designed to ensure that the homeless. A large number of provide momentary housing or shelter, entry to healthcare substance abuse, and mental health solutions, and foodstuff. Due to the numerous problems that are associated with homelessness, individuals require more providers than anybody agency can provide.

How do these kinds of programs usually generate?

Funding generally comes from federal government, state and native grants and community donations.

What is the best way that we can help individuals who are homeless and what have you located to be most beneficial when reduced their conditions completely?

The homeless populations are generally “invisible. ” We will not alleviated the challenge but we could treat the homeless with dignity, support provide education, employment teaching, and jobs.

What I aspire to learn

The answers to this issue and not black and white, since each person’s situation differs from the others, handling them will also be distinct. Each treatment should be specialized in accordance for the individual’s specific needs. I will most likely confront many troubles because I understand deep down this problem will not really be solved. Many people have worked towards these issues, even so the numbers continue to increase annually. I feel far better programs and new legal guidelines will be the just way to help effectively take care of homelessness. Education will also increase these conditions in my opinion.

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