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The origin of medical terminology

Medical Ethics

Medical Terminology is mainly originated from the Latin and Greek languages. When the Aventure conquered Portugal, around 500, the knowledge and language of both civilizations merged, causing new medical concepts concerning disease treatment and hold. Medical records were written by hand. Much of the medical lingo we make use of today originated in Hippocrates, who will be the father of medicine, and Claudius Galen, probably the most legendary doctors from the Roman Empire.

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Medical Lingo was created to recognize the various anatomical structures, diagnostic category, instruments, procedures, protocols and medications. Medical Terms and their roots go together with Greek and Latin entomology. Medical lingo is methodized into 3 primary parts: the root word, the word and the suffix. The root word is generally positioned in the middle of the word and implies the basic meaning. The prefix comes prior to root expression and recognizes the words that means by exposing further information about location and area of the body system. The suffix, at the end of a word, happens to be an inflectional ending that conveys particular features, including the circumstances, advancement and protocol regarding the condition.

Medical terminology, as well uses Ancient greek language and Latina adjectives and compounds to connect nouns, verbs or combining forms. Realizing the Ancient greek language and Latin word beginnings is key to understanding medical terminology. Claudius Galen was obviously a Greek doctor who visited Rome and revived the ideas of Hippocrates and other Greek doctors. The Aventure had displayed little interest in the work of Hippocrates and it took Galen to get them to go with Hippocrates had performed.

Galen revived the methods favored by Hippocrates and other Ancient greek doctors who also lived at the time of Hippocrates. He put wonderful emphasis on medical observation, analyzing a patient incredibly thoroughly and noting their symptoms. Galen also acknowledged the view that disease was your result of an imbalance between blood, phlegm, yellow fiel and blood vessels bile. Galen also believed in the healing power of characteristics and this individual developed treatment options to restore the balance of the 4 humors. Galen believed in the utilization of opposites, if a man appeared to have got a fever, he remedied it with something chilly, if a man appeared to have a chilly, he would end up being treated with heat. People that were weakened were given hard physical exercises to perform to build up their very own muscles.

As most items change with time the meanings of these words and phrases in the medical industry have not altered. Although the medical terminology is growing all of us wouldn’t end up being where we could today in the field of medicine with no “Father of Medicine, ” Hippocrates or Claudius Galen. Medical terminology would not be since advanced neither would as much people have made it through during all of those tough times in history.

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