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The natural characteristics of canada and human


How do the natural features of Canada influence liveliness, and how might human activity influence Canadas organic characteristics?

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1 . Canadian Shield

The Canadian Shield was formed in the Precambrian area by simply volcanoes. After that, the Canadian Shield was weathered and eroded simply by glaciers. Today, the Canadian shield is definitely the largest, most ancient landform in Canada. (MAP BY HOLLY OROURKE/THE CANADIAN ENCYCLOPEDIA)

The Canadian Shield posseses an abundance of minerals, this is why it is often known as the storehouse of minerals. We use the Canadian shield intended for mining lead, gold, copper mineral, nickel, etc . However , for the reason that Canadian Shield is popular, there has been a depletion inside the amount of minerals as a result of over exploration. The minerals mined offer materials intended for the developing industry. Let alone, there are various tools used to mine the mineral deposits, which results in pollution as well. Soil/Vegetation In Canada, the climate we have varies quite a lot. The various climate results in different types of garden soil, where two processes referred to as leaching and calcification play a big part in soils in Canada. Leaching occurs when there is abnormal precipitation, in which the water from the rain components the nutrients that plant life need in the soil. However , soils which were leached works extremely well for farming, only if manures are included in the soil. Additionally , calcification occurs when the climate has much less precipitation (dry).

Considering that the soil cannot hold dampness (the normal water evaporates) the nutrients are extracted to form a rich topsoil, which may be dangerous to vegetation. The consequences of the varying soils ends in differing types of vegetation. Forests Some examples of the forests in Canada happen to be: boreal and taiga forest, mixed forest, etc . Boreal and Taiga Forest The boreal and taiga forest surround a part of Hudson gulf. The forest consists of white-colored and black spruce, pinus radiata, fir, etc . The precipitation in this area results in leaching, therefore the trees which can be grown might survive in chillier climate. Yet , the tiny needles of the trees are acid, which makes the soil inadequate for various other trees. Taiga Landscape in Quebec, Canada, dominated by simply Black Spruce

2 . Mixed Forest

The mixed forest is in east Canada. The forest involves maple, beech, ash, maple, birch, jazz, fir, and so forth The top soil in the merged forest happen to be rich in nutrients, and the ground absorbs water well. Right now there isnt too much precipitation, therefore the soil might not be subject to leaching, nor calcification. One way we use the dirt is cultivation, or basically, farming. The soil in the mixed forest is great for farming because of the abundant soil and the ability to absorb water. However , the garden soil in the boreal and taiga forest features acidic ground, which is inadequate for culture. As mentioned just before, because of the pollution created, the climate is changing (global warming). The soil depends on the climate, and so warmer weather means more precipitation. The results of more precipitation is leeching, that can eventually bring about the dirt being unwanted for farming. The jungles, however , are mostly used for timber. The nordico and taiga forest, plus the mixed forest provides helpful the lumbering companies. You will discover less trees in these parts because of all the tree cutting. Not to mention, the equipment and processing of the real wood create air pollution.

3. Oceans

Canada is between the Pacific cycles and Atlantic oceans. The fishing market in Canada is huge. We catch many different types of fish for the east and west coast, such as cod, sockeye, chum, and more. Though Canada earns money out of this large sportfishing business, there exists an even larger price to pay. The overfishing brings about possible extinction of these fish. The fishing industry has recently harvested years worth of fish, because theyre previously fishing baby fish.

Types of salmon found on the western coast.


From the canadian defend to soil/vegetation, to seas, one thing is apparent, the normal characteristics of Canada effect human activity, and human activity certainly influences Canadas natural qualities.


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