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The impact of defense data systems

Edward Snowden, Information Technology

Information Technology plays a major part in the era of Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, and WikiLeaks. After executing an extensive exploration there were conclusions of how these individuals have afflicted the protection information systems. Edward Snowden was builder that was hired to work for the United Mentioned Government in 2013. Snowden had been awarded access to a lot of classified details. Over the course of the next year, Snowden began to leak the taken information to American and British media.

Snowden believed the fact that United States was doing something wrong and that it absolutely was the right issue as far as having that details out to the population, but the government looked at Snowden as a whistle blower and a traitor. Snowden merely showed the country how easy it was to hack the program, collect data, and not keep a digital foot print, where it may not be traced returning to an individual. There were information about the United states of america and other countries which was released by Snowden and it exposed the American government and other countries as being dangerous. WikiLeaks unveiled the information that Snowden distributed to them.

A few years after WikiLeaks built headlines again, this time with Chelsea Manning formally known as Pvt. Bradley Manning. Completely Manning released downloaded and dispersed dispatch cables coming from embassies, légation, War Logs about the war in Afghanistan and documents through the Pentagon. WikiLeaks released all the info that they received from Manning to the community. People were in great disbelief about what was done by Manning.

This season the United Stated wanted to extradite the WikiLeaks founder and main in manager. Manning attended his managers, but having been rejected and sent back to accomplish his work. Manning distributed all information and intentions with former hacker Adrian Lamo, whom in returned advised government representatives. Manning was also classed as a whistle blower, and was court-martial. Manning was sentenced to thirty-seven years in jail.

Snowden, Manning and WikiLeaks all have one part of common and it all revolves around the defense system. There are so many info that is staying stored coming from decades ago and they thought that all leaking the knowledge, it would have made a difference. It just proves just how weak it absolutely was and was prone to any kind of attacks. Presently there are more policing with the the online world.

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