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The different views of London presented by the two poets ...

Review the different landscapes of London presented by the two poets.

Refer strongly to the text in your solution. The poems ‘London’ by William Blake and ‘A View From Westminster Bridge’ by William Wordsworth were both drafted around the time for the 19th century. Equally describe Birmingham in different ways, showcasing the facets of London’s andet jeg.

Blake’s poem is a scathing attack in both the town and its residents. In contrast, Wordsworth’s poem demonstrates the aesthetical value in the scene. The craft employed by the poets helps to indicate the difference in tone involving the two poems.

In Blake’s poem, London is completely painted as being a dark, grubby, disease ridden and starving place. This individual does this by describing the folks who reside in this ‘hapless’ city as well as the ‘mind solid manacles’ that bind the individuals to their lives of misery. Wordsworth’s composition describes a scene inside the early morning in the view by Westminster connect. It uses special imagery to spell out the ‘…beautiful’ ‘…majesty’ of the city and praises the two nature and man’s successes, and how they can co-exist harmoniously ‘the splendor of the morning; silent, uncovered, /ships, podiums, domes, theatres’.

This is very unlike Blake’s poem which discussions of the persons, like the ‘chimney sweeper’s cry’ and the ‘hapless soldier’s sigh. As Blake ‘wanders thro’ each chartered street’ he’s seeing these individuals and recognizing their unhappiness. The purpose of Blake’s poem should be to outline the hardships and low standard of living within Greater london.

Blake telephone calls the roads ‘chartered’, Chartered can be viewed to mean responsibility of the church or state or licensed; however it can be use for mean licentious and freely immoral. Ingested in context with all the rest of the composition I contemplate it to imply freely wrong. Blake shows an obvious outrage for the location and it’s people.

This individual sees in the people ‘marks of weak spot, marks of woe’ evidently showing the fact that people are living poor lives in squander. On the other hand, Wordsworth’s composition is an exaggerated tribute to the beauty of London. He says the ‘city like a garment doth wear beauty of the morning’. Wordsworth is touched by scene and it is moved to publish this composition describing the deep impression of quiet and awe evoked in him. He wants to assail his visitors with this feeling.

Wordsworth’s poem instantly sets out the way the author seems in the initial line declaring ‘Dull would he carry soul who have could go by, a eyesight so holding in its majesty. ‘ Inferring that the view of Greater london would evoke strong views in everyone who perceives it since it clearly truly does in Wordsworth. Wordsworth’s poem is made more charged in the penultimate series where he says ‘Dear The almighty! The very houses seem sleeping; ‘ He could be so stressed by the peace of London that this individual feels the necessity to invoke gods name. As opposed nowhere in the Blake poem does this individual use direct speech to heighten any of the emotions. Wordsworth’s poem uses terms like ‘glideth’ and ‘smokeless air’ to offer a sense of peaceful tranquillity to his terms.

This makes me feel tranquil and almost sleepy as the text flow along in an almost dreamlike vogue. William Blake’s poem conveys his thoughts in a more subjective style, when he uses the folks of London, uk to represent the institutions, that they can are linked to. He says ‘the hapless soldier’s sigh runs in blood vessels down structure walls. ‘ Here he could be criticising the monarchy and government to get condemning young men to fatality by sending them off to fight in foreign wars. It really is obvious by words just like ‘woe’ and ‘appals’ that Blake is disgusted with what he recognizes in London.

Someone would undoubtedly feel great pity intended for the people of London at the moment. The poets use distinct symbolism to convey their ways to the reader. Wordsworth shows his feelings intended for London within a figurative method. He character the sun, lake and the town. He proceeds this simile giving the river ‘a will’.

He admits that ‘The City now doth like a clothing wear the advantage of the morning’ this gives the impression which the city is definitely alive and so more exciting and fantastic instead of that being an inanimate collection of buildings. Wordsworth’s sonnet is drafted in standard iambic pentameter which emphasises the vocally mimic eachother and thus beauty of London. Wordsworth also uses lists, ‘Ships, towers, domes, theatres, ‘ so that it seems that he is and so overwhelmed by the amount of beauty he cannot obtain his phrases out quickly enough.

He also uses hyperbole in saying, ‘Never did sunlight more attractively steep. ‘ Wordsworth are unable to know this kind of so he uses hyperbole to heighten the tone and impact. Bill Blake’s ‘London’ is written in several, four series stanzas. Every line of each verse provides the same number of syllables; this kind of creates a regimented effect that orders the poem well whilst accentuating the disappointing tone with the poem. Without using over high language the poet displays his individual disgust at the scene.

By using alternate line rhyming ‘…. street’ ‘…flow’ ‘…. meet’ ‘…woe’ which makes the poem sound standard and pulls the readers focus on the last word of each line setting up a bigger influence. Blake as well uses duplication to begin three lines with, ‘In every single.. ‘ This kind of drums the message label the reader, which usually coupled with the violent terminology, ‘blood, ‘ creates a bigger impact. Each verse in the Blake composition attacks a different aspect of London, uk so although the tone does not change the focus of the attack does plus the reader is struck with more evidence of the appalling state of London.

In the last verse of the Blake poem there is the image of sexually transmitted disease, which is a symbol of their world. It details the ‘youthful harlots curse’ blasting the newborn baby. This is displaying that std affects everyone because the small are delivered into this kind of promiscuous world. The last collection uses the image of a ‘marriage hearse’ staying blighted simply by ‘plagues. ‘ This image in my opinion may be the sexually transmitted disease.

Both poems display very different feelings towards London. You would have to compare these to other text messaging of the time to determine which is more accurate though I think it is Blake’s poem. Easily had to opt for which I desired I would opt for the Blake poem. Wordsworth’s composition is indeed incredibly beautiful and profound in the testament towards the beauty of London in the early morning.

Yet Blake’s composition has a more deeply meaning just like the imagery of the std. It also details London through the eyes of its persons whereas Wordsworth’s poem simply speaks in the ‘beauty with the morning’ without people are described anywhere. So where Wordsworth is perhaps looking at the scenery with rose-tinted eyeglasses or hankering after a by-gone age, Blake depicts the actual of the newly industrialised London and all it is woes.

I believe this is the key defining difference between the poetry and that this contrast can make it very difficult to rate 1 above the additional as their strengths lie in several places.

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