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The chrysalids by john wyndham essay

A society is an organized group of persons. In the story, The Chrysalids, by Steve Wyndham the Sealand culture and Waknuk society are similar and various in the way they live. The Sealand and Waknuk societies are both single minded and unaware, but the Sealand society accepts changes, the place that the Waknuk culture does not accept change and would rather stay. Both the Sealand and Waknuk societies knowledge egocentricism. The Sealand contemporary society believes that Waknuk and other societies happen to be uncivilized.

One of this is when the Sealand woman suggests that Waknuk is ancient and David and the thought-shape group will be close to getting primitive also. The Sealand society likewise shows eocentricism when they arrive for Petra, David and Rosalind because they kill everybody that is unable to send thought-shapes. The Waknuk world is single minded because that they banish those who are different to the Fringes or destroy and kill vegetation and family pets because they are accidents.

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Another case in point that shows Waknuk is definitely egocentric is that they believe they are the rue photo and all other societies happen to be primitive plus the work from the devil. Not only do these two societies show egocentricism, they are also ignorant. These two communities are unaware because they do not know a lot about the earth. The Sealand society was unaware of just how huge the earth really was whenever they came for David, Rosalind and Petra. They think that the authentic image should be able to send thought-shapes. The Waknuk society was unaware of what the world genuinely looked like.

These were afraid of that which was beyond the Badlands, therefore they did certainly not know very much about the rest of the world. The people of Waknuk would not know that the individuals of the Fringes believed in God. An example of this is when David is usually talking to a Fringes man, God s i9000 little game of persistence I think it is, yet He certainly takes His time about this. God My spouse and i said doubtfully. They ve always taught us it s satan that guidelines in the Fringes. pg. 153. Although the Sealand society and Waknuk culture seem identical, they are also distinct.

The Sealand society wishes change in which the Waknuk contemporary society wants to stay. Unlike Waknuk, Sealand would not want to be such as the Old Persons. This is displayed when the Sealand woman explains to David, We are the New People your sort of people. The individuals who can think-together. We re the people who are gonna build a innovative world different from the Old People s world and the savages. pg. one hundred and fifty six. The Sealand society also has developed advanced technology such as soaring machines and horseless carriages, proving that they will be ready to generate a new community.

The Waknuk society is actually a replica in the Old Persons and they will not want alter. This is demonstrated when they try to follow the Old People s way and don’t think on their own. The people of Waknuk have not developed all their technology since they are afraid they might offend The almighty and cause another Tribulation. Therefore the two of these societies are very different. In this new the Sealand society and Waknuk society are different nevertheless also are very similar. Both societies are single minded and uninformed, but the Sealand society wishes change and the Waknuk world would rather stay the same.

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