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The Changing West Essay

1 ) Imagine it is 1880. The Civil War has been more than for 15 years. Economic conditions inside the town you live in possess deteriorated, and then you’re struggling for making ends meet. You determine to try your luck out west, where there is plenty of land and many of prospect. Before going out of, you must decide what you will do out westbe a miner, a cowboy, or a character.

Each reveals its own possibilities and problems. Write an essay in which you: Use the rubric on the pursuing page to see how your teacher will score your essay. This kind of graded task will be because of in Lessons 4. Response: If I were to choose from three, I would choose to be a player.

The reason I chose being a farmer is because farming would be really hard, but safer than like a miner or a cowboy. As being a farmer would be safer since being a miner could result in caving while mining and as being a cowboy is also risky mainly because you could fall under a gap while herding livestock and have absolutely the risk of being rundown by the livestock in the event they acquire scared and go crazy. Being a farmer can give you options because by raising animals, it can offer you money along with food to have.

Unfortunately, farming is harder than it really is, because farmers depend on the times of year; for example , in summer, in case it is too sizzling, it will dry the garden soil, making farming useless, or perhaps in winter, in the event begins to snow, it will cover the whole livestock in snow and get rid of the animals from the cold. Being a farmer has the pros and cons, but since you put slightly sweat, livestock might be able to survive any season. Total Score: To calculate the final grade for this assignment, put the scores for each rubric topic to get a maximum rating of 100 points. Observe that you will provide greater excess weight to Content material by multiplying the score for that category by sixteen.

The scores for Business and Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar will be weighted by simply multiplying the scores for all those categories by simply two.

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