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The causes and associated with unhappiness article

Try to take a look at the people around you. How many people that you see that are happy? How many of them that are appeared unhappy, unhappy, depressed, but not enjoying lifestyle? What eventually those people? Why do so many people truly feel unhappy? Since according to Chernoff “There are many factors, but it all boils down to one simple principle: They choose something else more than happiness (2011). And so this essay can explain about the common reasons for an unhappy your life, such as lack of self-esteem, wandering mind, staying pessimistic and negative attitude, and an inclination to make your life harder than it has to be.

And the effect of a great unhappiness. The first reason for an unhappy life is the lack of self-pride. And the less than comfortable habits that the low self-esteem people have are the patterns to review themselves to people. Because according to Robert Chen “Comparing yourself to others may be motivating when you have a strong self-pride but usually, you will end up sense bad with regards to your own inferiority (2012).

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Also the evaluation are only evaluating the best part of someone else’s your life, and which makes them feel worthless, sad, and feel bad about themselves. An additional bad habit that the low self-esteem individuals have are, they get peoples judgment personally, because they may get genuinely offended easily, to become insecure regarding themselves. The 2nd cause can be described as wandering mind. People with a wandering head, tend to worry and enthusiastic about the past or future. Research shows that people spend almost half of their very own wake time thinking about other stuff than what they are actually doing, and let them feel sad (Samantha, 2013). At times people continue to keep thinking about the previous mistakes and keep mourning this, and other occasions people are captivated with the future which might be unknown. And the obsession with the unknown makes it worried about all things and making a lot of negative emotions, which can be the cause of unhappiness.

Another reason behind an disappointment is the pessimistic and adverse attitude in your daily course. A quote from Abraham Lincoln said “Most people are about ashappy as they make up their minds to be (n. d. ). The group of your frame of mind is going to decide the rest of the day. If you choose to be depressed and give attention to the negative opinions, that is what you will get. Daily is a bad day for you personally, because negativity is what you are interested in, instead of trying to find the bright side. And that is what leads one to an unhappiness (Chen, 2012). The last cause is a tendency to making existence harder than it has to be. Various people like to make unrealistic goals and making their very own life harder than it must be. They are environment goals like ‘I will probably be happy after i have 10 million us dollars. ‘ Just like you are punishing yourself, that you cannot be happy if you do not have got 10 , 000, 000 dollars (Chen, 2012).

One more thing that makes people help to make life harder is the perfectionism. Perfectionist individuals are constantly putting themselves in the stressful condition, where they demanding anything to be perfect, but in the other hand, nothing is perfect. While Marc Chernoff said “Perfect is the enemy of good. Learn to accept the good ” learn how to love issues when they are less than ‘perfect’ (2011). And as a consequence, being disappointed can affect your daily life in every feature. It is typical for a person to think unhappy, but being disappointed for a long time will make you depressed, stressed and triggering even more concerns in your your life. Starting from marriage problems,?nternet site quoted from an article regarding The Dangers of Depression “Depression leaves people drained psychologically, mentally and physically, therefore it becomes hard to be presently there for friends and family (2014). On top of that with the symptoms from despression symptoms such as sleeping disorders and do not wish to eat may cause health problems mainly because it makes the physique vulnerable to condition.

And with the poor condition like this, many people try to self-medicate with medicines and liquor, which makes it worse. And as it can lead to self-injury, reckless behavior, and a chance for a person to make suicide (The Dangers of Despression symptoms, 2014). Finally in conclusion, unhappiness is due to the lack of self-pride, wandering brain, being depressed and negative attitude, and a tendency to generate life harder than it really must be. And the effect of a long term unhappiness can be a major depression or pressure that can trigger from relationship problems, about self-injury, careless behavior, and a suicide. Happiness without a doubt are important in everybody’s your life, and it is our right to be happy. Nonetheless it is your decision to be happy or miserable. While Martha Wa said “I am decided to be happy and content in what ever situation I might find myself. For I have learned that vast majority of our unhappiness or unhappiness is determined not by each of our circumstance although by the disposition.  (n. deb. ). And so choose joy. 


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