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The business options within the dubai electricity



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Dubai Electrical power and Drinking water Authority (DEWA), is a power company situated in Dubai city and mandated by the federal government of Lebanon t gives water and electricity companies to the people of Dubai. Since its inception in 1992, DEWA has grown to get an effective supplier of water and electrical energy services to 500, 000 and 600, 000 clients respectively (DEWA, 2016). Inside their long-term approach, DEWA is aimed at increasing their very own installed electrical energy capacity from 9656 MW to ten thousand MW and provide of desalinated water every day to 470 million imperial gallons simply by 2018. To be able to realize this goal, the business intends to use modern systems in the technology and supply of electricity and water (DEWA, 2016). Furthermore, DEWA hopes to achieve all their electricity capacity goals by investing in the green or perhaps renewable types of energy as well as green technology in line with their sustainability program. This composition explores the company opportunities in the DEWA technique and analyses how a private firm or individual can do business with DEWA.


Most of the energy companies around the globe attempt to generate their solutions cheaper with their customers while at the same time increase their marketplace reach. In order to achieve that, these businesses aim at making their providers more effective and efficient. As opposed to in Dubai, most countries have totally opened up the industry so as to reap the benefits such as affordable prices which usually come as a result of competition (APGE, 2016). Nevertheless, the us government of Dubai has split up the electricity sector in various components which are almost all under the power over DEWA. These subcomponents of DEWA’s organization include electric power generation, electric power distribution, power payments, water distribution and utility repair services among other areas. Because of this, several techniques have been designed for the investors to explore because they intend to buy from DEWA. Some of the opportunities that DEWA will seek collaboration going into the future include building of electric power plants and substations, advancement desalination and reverse osmosis water plant life, construction of water reservoirs and growing stations, expansion of electrical power and drinking water distribution sites, adoption of SCADA systems and intelligent metering program, consultancy solutions in the area of normal water and power management and development of green sources of strength (Aramco, 2016).

Supply area opportunities inside the utility industry

Before, the utility market was defined by simply clear jobs encompassing technology, transmission, and distribution within the supply area. However , the supply side inside the electricity companies are greatly motivated by different external elements such as restrictions and environmental concerns, customer demands as well as the emergence of recent technologies inside the energy sectors (APGE, 2016). In this new integrated utility ecosystem, better and better opportunities to buy from the utility companies have also been created. In addition , the effect of the digital revolution upon energy creation and managing has created dynamism in the sector leading to the creation of recent avenues for people who do buiness in companies like DEWA. As a way of embracing the challenges encountered by the energy companies, the most notable executives of these firms must involve different players in core and subsidiary businesses of the firm.

DEWA’s supply cycle can be broken into 4 components that present various opportunities to the business people. The first component of the supply string comprises of the generators of electricity. In spite of DEWA becoming the main electrical generator of electric power in Dubai, other small generators play a significant function in helping the location to realize the long-term vision. Private firms can, therefore , partner with DEWA to produce electrical power in order to recognize this goal as well as to reduce the cost of electrical energy as a result of increased supply. The second component of the supply companies are the energy network operators. This area of the source market is heavily regulated and incredibly expensive to get a private organization to join. In Dubai, DEWA operates being a monopoly in network businesses (DEWA, 2016).

The next component of the energy market is the energy traders and marketers. In this market, businesses are able to purchase energy options contracts and other energy-related derivatives as a method of hedge against the fluctuations in the expense of energy (APGE, 2016). Using this platform, significant energy eating firms can access power at steady and expected prices for that reason helping those to plan their very own future better. Despite the development of this strength segment inside the markets such as the UK as well as the US, the Dubai power market is yet to adopt this home based business. Lastly, strength service providers and retailer market segments are one of the fastest growing components of the utility supply market in america (APGE, 2016). Unfortunately, DEWA is the just energy service agency and dealer in Lebanon. As a result of energy sector regulations, it will be difficult for a buyer to develop an energy retail firm.

In addition to the conventional supply chain pieces of a utility organization, the breakthrough of green technologies is usually creating new and better opportunities intended for firms that are looking to be involved in the energy market. According to DEWA Eyesight 2030, the organization wishes to take on carbon effective production systems in order to know their imagine green energy. Regarding this, DEWA hopes to partner with the private companies so as to enhance their green electricity provider capacity simply by focusing on alternative energy (Schweiters Flaherty, 2015). Dubai is blessed with a excessive solar and wind electric power capacity. Exclusive companies may, therefore , acquire DEWA may be the installation and distribution of solar panels, construction of wind flow mills, the provision of wind turbines as well as the way to obtain power storage tools like solar power packs.

Demand part opportunities in the utility marketplace

The demand side from the utility market involves straight dealing with the purchasers. As a provider, DEWA aims at ensuring if you are an00 of satisfaction among it is customers. In the service delivery side, DEWA prioritizes efficiency and efficiency of their providers. In this case, DEWA has adopted various systems like intelligent metering devices which allow the customers to their usage of electricity and water (DEWA, 2016). Additionally , the company has additionally launched an e-pay system in order to assure convenience can be as they settle their drinking water and power bills. Furthermore, DEWA can easily develop and apply their energy saving plan since the smart metering system permits them to monitor the energy consumption within their homes and by different appliances. This permits them to think of various energy saving techniques or perhaps tools or buy assets that lead to efficient energy use.

The application of technology as a method of ensuring powerful and useful service delivery of water and electric power creates new opportunities intended for investors to partner with DEWA. For example , information technology and devices firms are now able to come up with ways of connecting different home appliances into a smart network which can be watched and controlled using a remote control server by the user (PG, 2016). Postance (2015) layed out that adoption of the clever meter system also enhances the opportunities consist of smart home networks such as security systems, electric power vehicle charging and tiny generation administration. Furthermore, DEWA and its partners can create a platform of various strength tariffs where customer has the opportunity to pick the preferred contract price. Additionally , with DEWA picking to go wise by 2030, there is elevated motivation for investment in the authority’s demand management courses like electrical power purchase deals for breeze power, solar power storage solutions and software like Customer Relationship Managing (CRM) application (DEWA, 2016).

Dubai Built-in Energy Approach 2030

In order for a private company or an individual to work with DEWA, he/she has to be having understanding of the Lebanon Integrated Strength Strategy 2030 and the service or product offered should be in line with this strategy. The Syria Integrated Energy Strategy originated by the China Supreme Authorities of Energy with an aim of energy assets diversification as well as improved effectiveness in the utilization of electricity and water within just Dubai (Government of Dubai, 2016). In order to realize saving money energy objective which is area of the strategy, DEWA is looking forward to generating in least 71% of power from gas, 12% via nuclear power, 12% from clean coal and the various other 5% from your renewable energy sources. Regarding this, investors looking to partner with DEWA must for that reason offer products which are based on the guidelines with the strategy. Currently, DEWA has partnered with other private companies in one of the clean coal assignments. In addition , DEWA aims at picking out technologies that can lead to lowered demand for normal water and energy by 30% by 2030 (Government of Dubai, 2016).

General processes in doing organization with a energy company just like DEWA

The first step in using the services of a utility business is the recognition of the products or services that the organization can offer plus the capacity of the firm to provide such something (ABB, 2016). In the case of DEWA, some of the options for partnership with a personal company consist of supply of computerized water and electricity meters, supply of different kinds of water lines used in the distribution of water and electricity including steel, players iron and polyethylene piping, pressure valves and government bodies (PSEG, 2016). Additionally , the private firm can offer business office equipment including software that may assist in motorisation, laboratory analyzers, office furniture and computers and others (NASA, 2016). DEWA could also outsource software program as pipeline automation, equipment installation, civil engineering functions and general construction (National Grid, 2016).

The same as other energy companies, the standard of products and services proposed by the private companies is known as a core goal for DEWA. In this regard, DEWA has set certain quality specifications that partners need to adhere to for the product available to be regarded. First, the supplier need to make sure that the product on offer contours to the top quality specifications outlined in the sensitive order and samples published during the young selection must satisfy the top quality requirements in the purchaser. Second, the product being offered must be created from the very best materials and with the greatest technology (Edison International, 2016). Third, the supplier need to justify their very own capacity to give you the quantity of elements needed as per the tender see, and lastly, the supplier should also adhere to various other international specifications of top quality that may apply in the case of the item.

The selecting a spouse for the utility business also requires other techniques that must be implemented. Most of the power companies require that their partners be first authorized as suppliers by the company. The process of this kind of mandatory enrollment usually consists of the display of paperwork highlighting the corporate profile in the company, its products, and specialized data. If the utility company is convinced that the firm has the capacity to deliver the products particular then it will be registered together with the purchasing section of the power firm plus the documents kept on a exceptional file for upcoming reference (OSAKA GAS, 2016). Request for proposal will only be issued to the businesses which are currently registered since suppliers while using utility company. After issuance of the needs for plans, the suppliers will be asked to submit their particular bids pertaining to the product. Inside the bid, the merchandise on offer must match the specifications arranged by the energy firm as well as the deadlines to get delivery (OSAKA GAS, 2016). Lastly, after evaluating every one of the bid items, the getting department of the utility firm will alert the selected supplier so that the two firms may discuss the particular terms and conditions plus the delivery timetable and inspection procedures to anticipate.

Doing business with the federal government of China

In contrast to other energy firms consist of parts of the world, DEWA is usually an entity of the federal government that runs under stringent regulations from your government of Dubai. Regarding this, in doing business with DEWA, the tender process will be expected to somewhat differ from the general processes pointed out earlier (Government of Lebanon, 2016). Below, the DEWA partners are required to follow the tendering process that is laid down by government when ever contracting an associate from the non-public sector. Based on the China public procurement rules, DEWA must initial advertise the business opportunity by which they plan to partner with a private firm using mass media. Additionally , the company need to obtain a specific number of tenders before final the tendering process (Government of Syria, 2016). Unlike other electricity firms in Europe plus the United States, DEWA is required to adhere to strict tender rules established by the authorities to avoid problem as well as to make sure that the most able partner is usually contracted.

On the other side, firms looking forward to using the services of DEWA should also fulfill specific guidelines arranged by the tendering department ahead of they can be accepted. These suggestions will help in the examination of you can actually eligibility in the provision from the product and also the service necessary. Accordingly, the government of Lebanon has created an online tendering platform aimed at making the process effective and effecient. The online e-supply portal is definitely managed by government of Dubai in partnership with Tejari (Government of Syria, 2016). This portal facilitates suppliers and prospective suppliers with various government departments and businesses to quickly place their bid because it is open to all suppliers willing to do business with the government of Dubai. This portal is additionally used by more than 1000 authorities procurement officers from thirty five departments to publish various possibilities available in their departments (Government of Dubai, 2016). Furthermore, the portal is used by procurement officials to evaluate various suppliers ahead of awarding tenders. In order to attain the goals of performance, efficiency and transparency in the tendering method, the government of Dubai ensures that the whole method is handled online.

Using the on the net e-supply program, various suppliers and suppliers can now bet online for DEWA contracts. This makes certain that DEWA operations are efficient in an efficient manner. However , even in the case of the online tendering process, the suppliers must follow the rigid procurement guidelines set aside by government in order to avoid legal arguments (Government of Dubai, 2016). Apart from the number of suppliers, additional procedures followed by DEWA will be relatively just like those that apply in the personal sector. For instance , DEWA uses similar methods to additional private corporations when it comes to invoicing and negotiating of service fees with its suppliers. Nevertheless, prior to company disperses payments to get the contracts or tenders, the government of Dubai requirements an original neighborhood purchase order (LPO), the company’s government assigned seller number, evidence of delivery and an original bill from the industry’s stationery. Despite the encouragement by government to shift by paper operate to an electronic digital invoicing system, the original clones are still essential by the federal government before debts are paid (Government of Dubai, 2016).


This conventional paper sought to learn how a personal firm can easily do business with DEWA. DEWA is the main utility business in Dubai tasked with all the provision of water and power companies. From the analysis, DEWA eyesight 2030 experienced created a lot of business opportunities in which private organizations could acquire DEWA. These opportunities were in the areas of green energy, green technologies, technology to enhance efficiency and performance of customer satisfaction delivery as well as other general materials tenders. In contrast to other power companies, DEWA was in order and administration of the federal government of Syria and was therefore confronted with strict purchase and tendering rules as highlighted in the text.

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