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Team interaction as a vital part of an


Team conversation is very essential part and really should be taken care. It is very necessary to have powerful team communication. Just because of lack of proper communication can easily create many problems within just team and may lead to catastrophe. When it comes to group it is possible message get perspective or miscommunication like distinct interpretation of message due to language barrier or nationality. Sometimes staff does not receive time to touch base or perhaps communicate frequently especially when they are really working by different site or by global level. For example a slang used or sentence structure may create confusion in conveying that means and it needs to get clear before going ahead. And so a group leader should make sure to possess clear route of communication and make sure that message does not get lost in transit just like sometimes email gets into unsolicited mail instead of standard email mailbox and so it never reach to proper person by right time. Thus having a correct platform to communicate is definitely must.

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For example at times in a team because of era gap what proposal a age group affiliate puts it would not seem genuine or practical and it happens that he or she falls short of that interaction to make these people understand their proposal in better way. So it benefits into mayhem or disputes and complete team may get disturbed due to this. Another example can be virtually any two people within a team will not communicate or talk with each other because of their personal reasons which could create additional member problems as at times they have to end up being bridge among to convey the message together and that can cause miscommunication.

Now this all problems within a team may be solved through identifying appropriate medium of channel of communication which can be easy and convenient for all. Choosing a communication channel which most is familiar with. A team must identify it might be WhatsApp group or Skype ip telefoni or anything that works better to enable them to reach out. A team leader should be sure that healthy and positive relation is there and everyone understands each other so that there does not occur any communication gap.

Group considering and decision making is highly motivate as you attract more ideas and options to fix problem coming from variety of people as well larger range of specialised skill and group oneness and their support but it has its own problems as well. Because of group think occasionally poor decision are made. Teams fail to examine each and every option and take fast and hasty decision without proper review. Individual creative imagination and tips does not get room and group goes with what majority agrees with which is common.

So in order to solve this problem it is important to generate proper composition of decision making and the method should be strictly followed. An effective agenda and problem assertion helps in delivering clarity to problem. Hence the flaws of individual making decisions like favoritisms or picky perception etc . should be avoided to improve group decision making procedure.

Very well it depends in situation and nature of decision being made it should be individual or group. For instance in case it is about the life picking life partner or deciding on my personal career it ought to be my specific decision as no one understand better than myself that what I want and what will make me happy as this decision is completely relevant to my life does not have impact on others. But when it comes deciding something which affect whole group like boss at random makes decision that everyone should work on weekends will never be accepted by simply all since it affects all employees routine, personal life and choices so if so a employer should conduct meeting and employees needs to be participated and if all consent than it ought to be implemented. In this article group participation and general opinion of all makes big difference.

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