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Khmer Rouge Essay Samples

Life and work of khun srun

Pages: 1 Khun Srun was obviously a vital Cambodian writer. He was conceived inside the village of Roveang, Samrong district, Takeo province, within a poor Chinese language Cambodian friends and family. When he was eight, his father perished and he and his kin were raised by his mother, a little shopkeeper, and a dedicated Buddhist. […]

Cambodian genocide essay

Cambodian Genocide Essay What is rotten has to be removed Once: 1975-1979 v1925: Pol Pan (Saloth Sar) is born in a farming family in central Cambodia v1949: Pol Weed moves to Paris and turns into absorbed in Marxism (communism) v1953: Pol Pot earnings to Cambodia and connects to the underground Communist activity v1962: Pol Pot, […]