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Success and family issues essay

Family Concerns, Family Health, Family Counselling, Developmental

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Family members

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The Hays family is apparently successful and normal on the surface. Nevertheless , underneath it all are considerable concerns which effects the quality of existence of the individuals and their capacity to cope with important issues. The mother and father happen to be Jack and Pam. They have been married pertaining to 50 years and started out with nothing by building a successful consumer electronics business. They have three kids Suzanne, Debbie and Cindy. Suzanne provides a PHD in economics. Yet, she is extremely anti-social and judgmental more. This has injure the quality of her life and ability to get promotions at the job. Debbie contains a law level and utilized to practice while an attorney. However , in the last a decade she has not worked and sits at home all day. Cindy is unable to walk and is affected with depression. This wounderful woman has issues linked to her pounds and performs inside the family’s store. She gets only one good friend and has never had a significant romantic relationship because of her physical / mental issues. Jack and Pam are pleased with their children and continue to think that they are much more than they really are. If the family gets together, everybody puts on and act to have these kinds of life-style. However , under the surface, all of them are dealing with considerable challenges and never realizing what is going on.

A family examination using the Relatives Systems Stressor-Strength Inventory (FS3I)

The FS3I is displaying how the is facing significant challenges which can be impacting all their underlying levels of mental well being. This is based on a number of stressors the most notable incorporate: depression, delusional behavior, the failure to realistically face / manage problems constructively and infighting among themselves. Under the FS3I approach, the perception ratings are displaying how every person suffers from diverse emotional hang-ups. Each person wants to appear to be a lot more than they really are. But, the problem is that they will mask these kinds of insecurities for making themselves feel better. This is happening with Plug and Pam believing that their kids can easily do not any wrong because they have university degrees. Yet , beyond their particular education, each one of them is unsucssesful in their lives and would like to appear to be easier than the others. (Kaakinen, 2010)

The family causes are indicating that everyone is experiencing a form of depression. This is because they can be competing against each other and will hide what is going on with all of them. Jack and Pam encourage this tendencies by enabling their kids through giving them added financial support. The kids are merely there for their parents based on what they may receive and often ignore them. Jack and Pam want someone to you can keep them company and connect with, given that they are getting older. (Kaakinen, 2010)

The strengths of the family will be that Plug and Pam encourage their children. This has helped them to make a move with

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