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Strengths and weaknesses of the theory Essay

Because discussed, Bandura’s theory has many points of power, notable which being that this describes the relationship between tendencies and the environment. In addition , the idea gives a very clear picture of how behaviors will be learned and developed.

Alternatively, it is apparent that the theory puts too much emphasis on what happens to people instead of what the persons do. Over the same collection, the theory would not address steady differences between individuals as they go through different developmental levels. Conclusion. Actions are affected by and also affects personal determinants as well as the environment.

Relating to Bandura’s cognitive theory, there are five basic features that facilitate the learning method in individual, namely comprising capability, vicarious capability, forethought capability, self-regulatory and self-reflection capabilities. These contribute to self-efficacy. Bandura’s intellectual theory shows that people with high thoughts and opinions of themselves usually attain more and encounter less distressing situations. The idea also identifies different personalities based on how that they perceive several situations and exactly how they act.

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