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Southwest flight companies fun method to promote

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Excerpt via Term Newspaper:

South west Airlines has been a model of achievement for the past four decades. It is a accomplishment based on organization values, upon low prices, about business creativity, and on the caliber of the support, among additional elements. The organization built in these ideals and applied an adequate advertising campaign and strategy to build brand commitment. Today, most of the company’s consumers use the services because of what is known because brand commitment: customers purchasing the same services because of an attachment for the company that often goes beyond basic decision making factors such as selling price or quality.

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The newspaper concludes that Southwest Flight companies has been effective for many several reasons, nevertheless primarily through a successful combination of good promotion, relaxed and fun merchandising and a good set of principles and competitive advantages, which usually it consistently emphasized in its integrated conversation strategy. Its promotional blend was modified to the qualities of the airlines industry, concentrating on traditional marketing and advertising instruments as opposed to the online technology. Fundamentally, the idea of fun was incorporated inside the mix, leading to an informal strategy that appealed to people and this strengthened company loyalty. Company loyalty is probably Southwest’s best asset, a lot of its buyers preferring the reduced cost, efficient model the fact that company features promoted.


This paper will try to look at many of these aspects coming from both a theoretical and practical perspective. First of all, it is going to examine the theoretical platform, with a focus on brand loyalty and promotion. Second, it will eventually transpose these kinds of into practice by reviewing how Freebie southwest Airlines explicates the theory into their own organizing and way, including through its fun-centered advertising. The third section is going to aim to take a look at how a number of the things talked about throughout can be replicated consist of areas, such as business to business. The paper will even look at just how information technology increases the options for companies such as South west Airlines and just how it could probably create a competitive advantage, particularly as a more effective instrument of communication.

Section A

It looks at the current literature in two principal topics that is to be the object with this paper. The first identifies promotion, as part of the marketing mix, aiming especially to understand the theoretical input to the marketing mix. The second looks at brand loyalty, especially at research that analyze the elements that impact brand commitment, in particular methods an organization can easily maximize company loyalty.

Kurtz (2010) suggests three unique objectives to get promotion, included in the marketing mixture that a company employs. Such as to present details, to separate (a merchandise or a company) on the market and to increase demand. As Dunn (1995) stated, even if an organization has developed the very best products and commercializes them on the best prices on the market, it is all useless unless of course the public is aware of, in detail, regarding all these. Promo is the tool to make persons know about what one has to offer.

One of the significant components of promotion is the advertising mix. Since one of the aims of the promo element in the marketing mix is to notify the customers and, thus, to communicate effectively, the marketing mix identifies the best tools that can be employed in that perception, as well as the degree to which (and the ways in which) these instruments can be used (Chartered Company of Marketing, 2009). The instruments include advertising, public relations, product sales promotion, direct marketing and personal selling. It is thus evident that the marketing mix is actually a complex starting that needs to stick to the company’s tactical objectives and the managerial eyesight.

Harrell (2008) also remarks that the company image can be viewed as a sixth element in the promotional combine. This is probably a thing that gains more ground and substance in the informational culture of today, the moment information (including bad information) about a business can be utilized by the consumers much quicker.

The corporate image is all about standing or how a client perceives an organization. In the event the company’s popularity is bad, it is possible for any client to refuse ordering from that particular company, towards the degree that this could get a trend with other consumers. The corporate image affects, sometimes in a tacit way, the way the buyer decision is formed. The fact which a company generates, at affordable, in countries where labor legislation is far more loose is, for example , a means in which the business image can be affected. Or else, a company which has a strong corporate social responsibility strategy could possibly be perceived as a “good” business and positively influence the purchasing decision.

Probably one of many key factors about the promotional combine is that it needs to be well balanced. All the marketing mix instruments should be as part of the overall online marketing strategy in a well-balanced way and applied to the actual situation. This will be further expanded in Section C, when particular types of relationships, just like B2B, will be discussed.

With the current technology, some of the aspects of the marketing mix gain a new perspective. For example , direct marketing required a data source of names and a platform to communicate the advertising message. In the past, this kind of used to always be represented by simply fliers, mobile phone text messaging or even phone calls. However , today, with technology, it really is more regarding the email and, more and more, about social platforms like Facebook or Twitter, to enumerate just a few.

A few of the components of the promotional blend, such as marketing, go back at least 150 years. While discussed in the previous paragraph with direct advertising, the new solutions offer tremendous opportunities. Advertising and marketing has associated traditional advertising and marketing with internet marketing. Online advertising has the advantage of staying targeted advertising: quite often, Yahoo or Fb offer the opportunity for businesses to monitor on the net client activity and, thus, tailor all their advertising accordingly. A good example in that sense is a way Yahoo advertises in the Gmail bank account, on the factors of the email content.

Public relations is the necessary mechanism by which information is passed from the organization towards the public. The aim is to gain exposure pertaining to the company’s products, to persuade the public (whereby the public can be represented by potential and existing customers) and to showcase a certain organization image (Rubel, 2007).

Public relations, in the current scientific environment, similarly to the various other instruments which can be part of the promotional mix, have got new options. The new channels of communication available for an organization offer new ways in which to supply information to shareholders plus more effective ways through which to interact with clients while others on the market.

An especially interesting anticipate, especially given the particularities of the market, is the governmental relations element of public relations. The concept in this case should be to properly connect to the government in order to influence that to produce ideal policy that can drive business for a business.

A lot of the advertising theory offers discussed devotion, namely company loyalty, as a means in which a firm can evaluate its success. According to Paul et. al (2010), as much as 69% of senior promoting managers which were interviewed pointed out that commitment is a very useful metric and one that they consider when making decisions and evaluating their performance.

The concept of brand dedication is quite easy. Loyalty, on the whole, shows consistency in your options. Regarding brand dedication, it displays the degree to which an individual is likely to continue using a certain manufacturer and beneath what circumstances. This means in a method that involves repeated purchases and commitment to repeatedly purchasing the same service or product from the same company (Dick, Basu, 1994).

Punniyamoorthy and Raj (2007), following scientific research, consider that brand loyalty contains, among the most significant elements and characteristics, commitment and repeated purchase. Other factors that effect brand dedication are recognized value and brand trust. All of these lead to creating brand loyalty with time.

It is important, possibly given the situation in conversation here (brand loyalty in the case of Southwest Airlines) to distinguish between infrequent loyalty and true manufacturer loyalty. Infrequent loyalty is generally determined by some marginal component that has an impact on the getting decision at a certain moment of time. Because Jones,. Mothersbaugh, and Beatty (2002) mentioned, such loyalty can be determined with a lack of practical alternatives or simple convenience. It does not demonstrate adherence to a product or service via a company due to a set of inbuilt qualities which the respective product/service or the business itself offers.

What is truly of interest when referring to company loyalty is always to correlate the perception that customers include about a particular brand using a mechanism of continuous repurchasing. Reichheld (1990, 1993) examines some of the features of brand dedication for a business. These advantages include frequent revenues, the capability to adopt a pricing technique with bigger price levels and so forth This is a thing that Dawes (2009) supported in the research, where he argued that the

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