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Sociology m2 d1 essay

M2 – Make use of different sociological perspectives to discuss patterns and trends of health and illness in two different sociable groups D1 – Examine different sociological explanations for patterns and trends of health and health issues in two different cultural groups

With this assignment I am hoping to effectively discuss and evaluate the habits and developments associated with health insurance and illness in the higher and lower sociable classes. I am going to do this by discussing and evaluating the following explanations and perspectives within just sociology; Pluie explanation, Natural or Social Selection reason, Cultural or Behavioural justification and Materialist or Structuralist explanation.

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Artefact justification

This kind of explanation shows that statistics show an unfair misjudgment towards reduce class people. Because of the substantial numbers of more mature and midsection aged persons working in dangerous jobs it absolutely was assumed that they can would have bigger levels of illness and mortality. This shows that employment and age are important adding to factors once explaining the differences, not just sociable class. Reporting of unwell health must be considered within these statistics as it is known that inside our culture; guys are less more likely to seek help or statement illness in contrast to women.

This reason has some weakness although as it doesn’t plainly explain the inequalities in health within both social classes though evidence implies that people coming from a higher sociable class live longer. Nevertheless despite this weak point, the fact this explanation uses quantitative methods for collecting data shows that it can be more reliable. This kind of explanation is usually strengthened further more because the data collected can be used to talk about an enormous amount of folks in general.

Natural or Sociable selection explanation

This explanation provides a completely opposition view on unwell health and cultural class than that of the artefact justification. This justification believes that folks are within a low class because they may have poor health and have a lack of inspiration and strength needed for advertising. It thinks ill wellness causes individuals to fall into poverty, rather than low income causing individuals to fall into ill health. The weakness with this explanation is that it has been refused by sociologists because it continues to be proven through evidence that poor health is because of poverty and deprived instances and not a cause of it.

Ethnical or Behavioural explanation

This approach views the behaviour and life styles of people inside the lower classes. Evidence accumulated showed that people in reduce classes smoked cigarettes and consumed more than those in larger classes. It also showed that they had poor diets and nutrition and didn’t physical exercise. These lifestyle choices were linked to ailments such as; heart disease, diabetes and cancer. This explanation thinks that these standards of living are selected by the person. It is convinced that the specific is responsible for their own behaviour and responsible for their own healthy way of living choices. This explanation will not take into account the possibility that for most people smoking and drinking allows them to handle their difficult circumstances which these situations are what causes them to make these life-style choices.

In addition, it doesn’t consider why people in reduced classes make these unhealthy choices; keep in mind that take the fact that they may be forced into these types of unhealthy lifestyles due to funds problems or lack of companies available to them into consideration. This description is more of your blame video game than an explanation; it blames people for lifestyle selections but won’t explain why they have to generate these options. The only durability within the ethnical explanation would be that the government can now help these individuals by adding new plans into place.

Material or perhaps Structural justification

This kind of explanation believes that inequalities are caused by variations in wealth and income between social classes. This explanation associates poverty and low income with poor diet plan, poor real estate and risky, insecure employment. It is these types of inequalities which in turn lead to right after in health insurance and well-being between the social classes. This justification sows the consequence of society on health. This shows just how inequalities are caused as a result of society and never individuals themselves. It talks about the impact of factors such as:




•Housing conditions


•Working conditions

This highlights that individuals in low socio-economic organizations may be fewer able to afford good foodstuff, good casing conditions in a good region and they may have no or no usage of sport or perhaps health-care facilities. It also explains that doctors might spend more time with sufferers from bigger classes and this areas where a few large number of reduce class people have poor health treatment services. This kind of explanation excellent because it sets out and points out why there are differences in behaviour between teams within society. It is also very good because it \ the government to pass laws of pollution prices and has made them make certain that working and housing circumstances are bettering.


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