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Sociology chapter 16 capitalism as well as the

what is the name of the economic system that developed combined with the Agricultural wave and Commercial revolution in Europe?


within a capitalist economic system, the price and distribution of products and providers are dependant upon what?


farming revolution was spurred on by fresh innovations including:

crop rotation

in respect to Adam Smith, precisely what is the most successful way to generate something?

through a division of labor that fails production in into its constituent parts

Adam Cruz argues that money is usually:

inherently interpersonal

Georg Simmel found the development of financial payment devices as part of a historical evolution leading to:

depersonalization of exchange

a global distribution of wealth is called a “champagne glass distribution because:

the top 0. 5% of global adults own more than one third from the world’s prosperity

Marx described employees as being alone from:

” all of the above

the process of development

other people

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in contrast to Simmel, Karl Marx believed that friendship beneath capitalism is definitely not possible mainly because:

all human relationships become industry reltionships

which theorist claimed the current capitalism may not have arisen without the Simple Reformation, which in turn created the important social conditions for capitalism is difficult because:

Maximum Weber

Because Ford created the “family wage,  he was:

heralded for his generosity and genius

according to sociologists Jerry Jacobs and Kathleen Gerson, because staff want to advance in their professions, any prevent taking total advantage of:

family friendly workplace policies

postfeminist expectations for family and work today are:

to mix marriage to a egalitarian person with parenthood and good career

what term describes the economy that revolves around providing intangible services such as restaurant job, health-care provision, higher eduction, legal advice, computer system tech support, and therapeutic massage?

service sector

the positive effect in the twenty first century is seen as:

the beginning of new marketplaces, new way of exchange, fresh players, and new rules that are modern worldwide interdependencies

a lot of critics state the Carlyle Group uses insider politics knowledge, or perhaps ______, to dominate intensely regulated markets

political accommodement

there are several ways corporations can rule the market by providing the lowest rates to attract the most buyers.

which are the following is NOT one of the ways your text refer to to do this?

making charity contributions

which term refers to formalized legal rights, duties, and responsibilities of a person?

juristic person

“Parceling-out from the soul is usually Max Weber’s term for individuals that:

become in opposition from a feeling of right and wrong

which term refers to an individual seller of good or assistance in the market, causing zero competition?


a corporate technique to reduce production cost is to reduce labor costs. one widely unfavorable approach is to move all part of the company’s functions overseas and use third world labor to minimize cost. This is referred to as:


offshoring occurs when ever firms:

approach all or element of their functions abroad to developing nations around the world

the majority of economists, policy analysts, and well-informed People in the usa say that induced the credit rating bubble and bust in the 2000s was your repeal with the: