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Community Violence, Family Relationships, Family Therapy

Friends and family violence is a common type of mistreatment or maltreatment experienced by a child or an adult via a close relation or via someone with whom they have an intimate romance.

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Based on the article, relatives violence refers to women abused by their partners leading to the death of the victim (Roberson Wallace, 2016). The sufferer, in this case, can be Lida Nancy who is thought to have been physically abused just before she was shot simply by her spouse Manuel. According to the series of function, I feel that Lida and Manuel had relatives issues that they may be trying to fix and in the process, a turmoil erupted. The 2 started quarrelling and wound up engaging in a physical abuse which will led to the death of Maria. Anger control and solving of family problems in a sober mood is one of the significant lessons that can be provided from the document. Although relatives violence entails children, women, and guys, in many cases ladies are the subjects followed by children

How common is the form of family members violence

Family violence is a great abuse that is certainly common and is also experienced globally. The maltreatment occurs in various forms just like physical, emotional, financial, emotional and lovemaking among others. The shape of assault presented in the article is usually physical abuse. Physical abuse involves a cause of soreness or problems for the patient by usage of force (Heise, 2018). Even though some forms of relatives violence might not be common, physical abuse is usually represented as a recognizable and most common sort of abuse. It truly is pointed out as being a common kind of abuse because it involves minor and major injuries including kicks, punch, shooting, choking and stabbing among others. Following going through the article, I have noticed that physical abuse may take place anywhere including any time through the day. According to the content, Lida Helen suffered physical injuries prior to she was shot useless by her husband, Manuel. I feel that creating awareness about ways of working with anger, may well reduce the occurrence of physical abuse.

Dealing with the offender

Friends and family violence is known as a criminal activity and should become charged in the court of law. Diverse states will vary laws that govern the court procedurals in case a physical abuse circumstance is reported. The occurrence narrated inside the article took place in the capital city of El Rescatador in a prosperous estate in San Salvador. The police attained the scene of the crime and found Manuel beside his wife who had been holding that gun in her hand being a sign of suicide. Yet , the police are not satisfied, and in addition they suspected Manuel was involved in the killing. Manuel was busted, an investigation into the case was launched immediately to determine the cause of loss of life (Stephen, 2013). The article states that the offender should be charged with murder and possession of an illegal gun. Nevertheless , in this case, the investigators did not present enough evidence for the court hence leading to launch of the think. According to how the investigators were performed, I noted that several government officials do not perform their obligations conscientiously.

Coping with the patient

The victim of any sort of abuse requires special controlling depending on the type of abuse they may have faced. In accordance to this content, although the sufferer succumbed to death, she deserved quick medical assistance. If only the authorities officers appeared on time following the neighbors reported to have observed a woman getting assaulted, then they would have salvaged a your life. However , with the scene of the crime, a lot of children are believed to have seen the whole circumstance of abuse leading to the death of their mother. In this instance, I look at children because passive patients of mistreatment, and they needs to be counseled to get their minds off the occurrences.

Treatment and reduction programAccording to Heise (2018), there has been a rise in the number of crimes involving women abuse worldwide. Girls are much affected by family physical violence due to what the society interprets towards all of them. The world holds that a woman must be submissive with their husbands and fulfill each of the responsibilities given to all of them. The article suggests that all offenders of home crimes must be punished according to the rule of law. In addition , the American countries suggest that people must be educated around the rights of ladies in the contemporary society and pass laws that protect ladies from assault (Stephen, 2013). When going through the article, I noticed that all these laws and regulations exist in some states, they can be rarely integrated. Value in the article via criminal rights perspectiveAccording for the everyday aggression article, the offender who also in this case is definitely Manuel had not been charged with murder since the investigations weren’t well done. The ruling attracted the attention of El Salvador’s first woman, who shown her issues to the justice system.

After around one month, the judge purchased for the arrest of Mr. Manuel and charged him with illegal own a gun. Consequently , it is clear that the document assists in changing the criminal proper rights system of El Salvador (Stephen, 2013).

Additionally , this article assists in creating understanding of physical maltreatment of women assault. From the content, I have bought knowledge on how to gather fast hand data at the scene of the criminal offense. Value in the article to victims of family violenceAccording to the each day aggression content, the victim is certainly not portrayed being a person appealing in this case. Yet , the arrest plays a substantial role in exposing the poorly handled criminal proper rights system. The writer, covers the proper rights system commonly, thus making it a valuable item in family violence (Stephen, 2013). Many related to the violation of ladies rights had been reported, but the investigation is only done in a few of them. Additionally , lots of men involved in afeitado cases will never be arrested therefore leading to elevated cases of assault. The protection of victims of family assault can only always be delivered with an efficient rights system.


Relatives violence is a primary cause of an increased volume of deaths among women. The law must protect the victims of violence and stay guided means seek rights. I have noticed that the poor felony justice strategy is a major to the increased number of domestic felony cases. Anyone who engages in family violence must be presented to the court docket and billed as per the rule of legislation.

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