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Role of junior in promoting communal harmony in

Placed by SujataParashar on March 7, 2013 in Media · 0 Comments Once my boy was about 6 his classmate asked him about his religion. My personal son could hardly answer him as that was the new someone acquired asked him that problem. He would not know what his religion was. For that matter this individual did not know the meaning from the word. Although he was curious about it and so after returning from School that day this individual asked me precisely the same question: ‘what is my own religion, Mom? ‘ Rather than replying to him immediately I manufactured him take a seat and asked him about his trip to school and during our chat gently probed why he wanted to find out about it.

When I learned the exact explanation, I discussed him the meaning of the term in the easiest of methods and advised him that if anyone asks him about it again to tell them that; he’s an Of india. He paid attention to my reason, nodded gently and kept it in which.

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I wasn’t sure whether my boy had realized or recognized my explanation. But to my personal surprise I actually learnt that he had registered it well. And even now when he provides learnt through his textual content books that India can be described as multi – cultural, multiple – lingual and a multi – religious country and that many of his good friends belong to different communities and follow distinct religions, anytime he has been asked by simply anyone about this, he features sincerely informed them that he is a great Indian. My spouse and i share these personal encounter just to emphasize that the understanding and behaviour of our children (and youth) play an important role in shaping the future of the country. It is important that from a age they will learn and imbibe the “unity in diversity” spirit — which is the essence of our region.

In fact , our history can be replete with examples wherever so many of the Kings, Emperors and even the invaders and colonial rulers divided all of us in the name of religious and public differences. However, we also provide countless examples of great nobleman who remained secular in their views and actions throughout their lives and consequently the region prospered beneath their regulation. In fact , India has always been a land of spirituality in which the beliefs and faiths of individuals from diverse casts and communities have already been respected and flourished. But it really is also a country which has been through transformation a couple of times; from dynastic rule with the kings, emperors to colonial rulers and ultimately to getting independence and having a country with the people, by people and then for the people.

But, despite getting freedom, creating a written constitution based on ideals of democracy and secularism and being led by visionary leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Pt. Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri ain al public harmony near your vicinity is over a decline. Issue- based politics has given way in favor of vote – bank politics based on filter interests and goals of political celebrations. In order to achieve these goals they’ve been spending a ton picking up interpersonal causes about communal lines which divides rather than binds people. The situation is so poor today that even a small , often silly remark by an irresponsible person in one community about the other may take the form of the major riot – just like situation leading to victimization of several hundred blameless people. Often these remarks are made intentionally and with ill – motives. The chasm among religious residential areas is so vast that people are fooled conveniently into thinking even baseless rumours spread purposely to cause unrest among them.

We all Proud Indians Respect Almost all Religions and Countries.

In such a unhappy scenario it is our youths who can turn into agents of change and create harmony among diverse communities from the country, with the positive perspective and activities. Understand and Accept – As I mentioned earlier, India is a property where persons of different trust have co -existed peacefully. However , it can be politics, which proved to be divisive. It is not faith based leaders essentially who separate but some political figures or politics parties who have seek to mobilize votes about grounds of faith, caste and ethnicity. The youth can be educated plus more aware but at the same time they need to accept the true identity of India which can be: multi – cultural and multi spiritual. It is important that they not only understand but as well respect various other communities and their belief program.

Celebrate events – Key religious celebrations like Diwali, Christmas, Eid, Guru Nanak’s Birthday happen to be officially announced as a vacation in the country. The constitution says all are equivalent before the regulation. The Government encourages all their citizens to celebrate major religious festivals, irrespective of their religious beliefs, caste or perhaps creed. But how most of us make the effort of joyfully partying such festivals together with the associates of various other communities? Not many, I think. We could divided inside on the basis of our religion. One of the best ways to achieve public harmony is usually to jointly enjoy and take part in each other’s religious fests. Young people can present their secular spirit through their thinking and activities and set an illustration for others to adhere to.

Spread consciousness – The majority of political celebrations have been playing the communal card to win polls. They have won elections by dividing persons and by turning friends into enemies for own increases. This must stop. Youth can be highly effective agents of change. When they know the correct thing they can not be suppressed into uniting with the wrong. Youngsters must come together, express their view freely and spread understanding about crucial national issues and their undertake it.

They must involve persons in discussing and debating these matters of nationwide importance and arriving at a conclusion through consensus by what is best for the nation. And they need to make sure their particular collective viewpoints are communicated to the market leaders in crystal clear terms. This will not only make certain that the government requires decisions based on the welfare of it is people but also look into the politicians via playing the communal card. Be a very pleased Indian – Most of all young people can collection example individuals by demonstrating their pride in their nation thorough great and healthful dialogues, responsible behavior and caring attitude towards one and all. “Be the change you wish to see” -Mahatma Gandh

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