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Reflection about personal identity

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The book definition of identity is the characteristics determining whom or exactly what a person or thing can be. My personal definition of identity is similar but In my opinion it is features that distinct each person by each person. My identity is definitely affected by many things such as my children, religion, ethnical heritage, good friends and the experience I have lived through. These kinds of factors think about differently for every single person but for me, I do believe my friends and family are the most important factor. Your parents and brothers and sisters affect you the most since you spend nearly every single day with them.

My parents possess taught myself all the principles. If you want to see the real me personally, put myself in the midst of my family. In their middle I become happier, crazier, calmer, and an overall better person. I realize that I am just a better person when Now i am with them because they will allow me to be my true self and i also don’t have to be afraid that I will not be liked. These are the ones who ensure I reach my goal because there is a brother or sister I need to compete with. It will keep my mind free from distractions and constantly make me recall how important my personal future. The same group of people who have do this to me are my local freinds. They influence almost everything of what I perform. For me habit they impact me using what I do, the things i enjoy, exactly where I go and my personal interests. They have made my personal interests a lot to do with games and computers. This has led me personally to take details technologies in the college and i also have sent applications for computer sciences.

They also affect my behavior as a result of all the time we spend jointly we commence to copy the other person and also challenge each other to see who can become the best in the goals we certainly have that are related. One of the elements that do certainly not affect me is faith, although it really does affect a great many other people. Though if I would have been to believe in some thing it would be the scientific route. Ever since I had been young my family has always been Buddhist, which has just affected myself when I am in Taiwan which is the country that all my children except my immediate family. My family is Taiwanese and we all speak mandarin. This does not have a major effect on myself since our company is not very traditional and it is very difficult to celebrate lots of the holidays. It includes affected my own behavior as my way of life is different to numerous South Africans. There have been many experiences that we have discovered from. It really is impossible to write all the lessons that we learned by my life because they are innumerable. Yet I would like to talk about the most important of them. Through the various experiences you may either learn from it or not. All these lessons is actually a different moral, such as never to live in repent or that a lot of people around you are self-centered. These are many of the most common ways a person’s individual identity can be affected or perhaps created. They can be affected by all these things whether they are aware of that or not.

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