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Rasin in the sun walt character examination essay

Depression is usually ongoing thoughts of hopelessness, sadness, unhappiness, and causes a bleak lifestyle. When somebody is affected by depression they can not be on top of their video game. A Raisin in the Sun is actually a play by Lorraine Hansberry that debuted on Broadway in 1959, which was the first play authored by a dark woman being produced on Broadway. The storyplot is based upon the friends and family getting a great insurance check; from Walt senior’s loss of life, and the problems of an Black family inside the 1950’s.

1 Character, Walter shows nearly every sign of depression throughout the play. He uses poor cooping skills, like alcohol, hurting his family in the mean time. Walter begins the enjoy, as an unsatisfied man who is selfish but later grows into a better husband, dad, and mind of the household.

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When somebody is miserable, they tend to make impulsive decisions. In the case of Walt Lee Younger, he comes after those actions. He demonstrates that statement to be the case when he explains to the character The female, also find out as “Lena Younger just how he truly feel his job is practically nothing, saying, “¦Mama, that ain’t no sort of job¦ that ain’t nothing at all (Hansberry 73).

When Walter is usually talking to Mom about his future, this individual tells her he seems as if really, ” ¦ a big, emerging blank space- full of nothing (73). That darkness he could be showing in that conversation shows to all of us, that he can very disappointed where his life at present stands. The unhappiness he is experiencing today will later help him become a more robust man.

Through the play, Walter shows the group that he’s a very self-centered man, that will do whatsoever to obtain his approach. In the beginning from the play, Walt says while talking to Ruth “I got me a dream (33). He wants to buy a alcohol store with his father’s $10, 000 insurance coverage money, he tells Ruth, “¦the preliminary investment for the place always be ’bout 25 thousand, ¦that be 10 thousand each (33). Walter is ignorant that The female and Ruth want a house, and Beneatha wants funds for school, showing that Walter only cares about him self. The Younger’s get a call up from Walter’s work, Ruth answers and they

tell her that Walt hasn’t been to work for three days.

This kind of shows that Walt is being self-centered and absent work to grieve by a club because Mama didn’t provide him money to get the liquor store, if he knows the family is struggling for money. Ruth confronts Walt and tells him, “¦Mr. Arnold has received to take a cab for 3 days¦ and “¦If you don’t come in down the road that they are finding a new man (105), Walter looked at her and jeered. Walter thinks that through his selfish acts that he is going to get his way, but little really does he know that it is just gonna add gas to the fire.

Sometimes it’s better off to seal up, consume pride, and accept wrongdoing. It’s not really giving up, Really called developing up. That is certainly exactly what Walt Lee performed in the third act, this individual proved him self that maybe he is a better gentleman. When he was talking to Mr. Karl Linder about if perhaps they wherever going to acknowledge his offer, “¦to buy the house¦ in a financial gain¦ (118), Walter was going to accept his offer, but realized his family really wanted to move into this kind of home. This individual told Mr. Linder that, ” ¦we have decided to increase our house because my father ” my father this individual earned this for us packet by brick (148) which is a very big improvement pertaining to Walter. Generally Walter truly does impulsive selfish acts, not really thinking about his family. Once Mama advised Walter, referring to Travis, ” ¦You make him determine what your carrying out, Walter Lee.

You train him good. Like Willy Harris taught you. You show in which five decades done arrive to (147) something activated Walter to appreciate what he was actually performing and made him reject the offer, undertaking something excellent for the family, making himself an improved head of the household. Walt also tells Linder that he is pleased with Beneatha, which is very unusual. He explains to him, “¦ that’s my personal sister above there and she’s going to be a doctor ” and we are extremely proud (148), that is a very big affirmation that he told Linder. Earlier in the play he told Beneatha, “Who on earth told you as a doctor? ¦ go be considered a nurse like other girls ” or just get married and become quiet.  (38), Walter completely changed his look at, and actually was proud of Beneatha. Making himself a better sibling.

Walter Shelter Younger the commendable modify throughout the play. Walter becomes a better person, making him self better suited to be the top of the home. It took him time, nevertheless he understood what life was really regarding. Hestood up for the family members, showing responsibility, maturity, and love to the family.

2. Hansberry, Lorraine. A Pampre in the Sun. 7th. 51. Ny: Random Home, Inc., 1958. 0-151. Print out.

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