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Problem Statement of Lubricant Industry Essay

Lubricant market is a very competitive industry since many companies all over the world have created their own private label and competition between the well-known merchandise in the market including Shell, Castrol, Royal Crimson etc . The of a vast range of products at competitive prices has been a significant factor in bringing in customers to lubricants industry. As a result, various manufacturers of lubricants, which include big corporations, have been strongly pursuing international and Asia markets.

Furthermore, the market talk about of the sector is monopolized by big corporations, including, Petronas, Shell and Caltex. The big organizations and manufacturers have the positive aspects many little companies insufficient, such as, expensive advertisement, support and qualified management staff. For the tiny businesses to tap into market that has been monopolized by big corporations is extremely difficult intended for companies. Mentally, consumers usually and only employ products which have been recommended simply by peers or they have been using it for a while (2).

Because of this purpose, products which can be very new will be hard to market their very own brands in the market properly. The user assurance is very low because fragile brand graphic, uncertain quality and uncertain suitability. Besides that, faking has become the major issue for various types of products on the market. As technology become more advanced and inexpensive, many counterfeiters easily duplicated products which might be well-known and established.

This kind of also becomes a problem by simply Moto7 Distribution S/B to overcome as it has to take on the original companies counterfeit goods, hence producing the market shares become smaller.

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