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Preparing a qualitative strategies research plan

Excerpt from Dissertation or Thesis complete:

Participant Information Sheet: Injury Center Stakeholders Survey Questionnaires, Document Assessment

Effectiveness of Emergency Management and Catastrophe Readiness of Trauma Centers in Wa, DC

Clinic Trauma Personnel Administration

My name is and I i am currently commencing a graduate degree inside the School of Public Support Leadership on the Capella College or university of, beneath the supervision of I i am writing to request the participation inside my research study around the implementation of emergency supervision and tragedy readiness of trauma centers in the Buenos aires, DC metropolitan area and Washington County.

I want to find out about the experiences and perceptions of stakeholders who have are involved in the work of trauma centers in Washington, DC. The objective of my study is to increase the literature around the efficacy of trauma centre models at present implemented at your facility. The proposed analysis may notify disaster readiness and urgent management coverage and practice in the U. S.

The qualitative research is designed to always be conducted in site and definitely will include surveying through the use of set of questions and file review. Review participants would include shock center personnel and crisis medical technicians. All study responses are supplied anonymously and associated with a great identification amount only, just in case there is a need to recall a survey response.

For any requests regarding ethical concerns you should contact: The Chair, Capella University Human Participants Integrity Committee, Business office of the Vice Chancellor, Tel


ETHICS COMMITTEE about for a amount of 3 years via to Guide


Appendix A two



Overall performance observation, customer survey, focus group interview

(This consent contact form will be organised for a amount of six years)

Breaking the mold? Boys in secondary school choirs.

I have been given and have understood an explanation of this study. I have had an opportunity to find out and have them answered.

Certainly that in the event that participants offer their permission:

Choir shows may be discovered and noticeable on two occasions.

Pendre students may well fill out questionnaires after both performances which once the questionnaires have been completed and collected, no info can be taken. Choir pupils may participate in a focus group, if asked.

The focus group may be audio recorded and transcribed by researcher with the understanding that the audio recorders can be switched off at any time, and that whilst a participant might leave primary group without notice, information can not be withdrawn.

I realize that the specialist will do everything possible to assure confidentiality in the focus group interviews, but that this can not be entirely certain.

I offer my peace of mind that the participation/non participation of teachers, father and mother and students of the school will never affect their relationship with the school at all.

I understand that the names from the school, Négliger Director or students are not identifiable in just about any written or oral presentation. I understand the school’s privacy, and that of my students will be highly regarded. I understand the findings will be used for distribution and meeting presentations.

I agree to participate in the research. Fixed:



VALUES COMMITTEE upon for a length of three years by to Reference

Appendix B 1




Beliefs and expectations about gender-role approximately gender-role conformity: Boys in choirs in secondary educational institutions.

To: The Principal/Board of Trustees

I’m and I was currently undertaking a PhD in Educational Psychology, with the University of, under the direction of I am producing to ask if you might offer me permission to request your négliger director, choristers, and a sample of college students and professors at your school to answer a questionnaire which usually addresses the topic stated previously mentioned. The set of questions is fastened, and is a confidential doc for your info only.

Within a previous study for my PhD We investigated if boys had a different experience of singing in choirs to girls. With this final analyze I want to find out if beliefs and expectations regarding gender function and gender-role conformity will be related to the expertise of being a young man in a choir.

With your permission, I would like to invite your choir director, your choristers (either males and/or girls), a sample of 20 instructors on your personnel, and one particular class by each year level at your college, to complete an anonymous questionnaire. The questionnaire can be completed in a quarter-hour, in a silent classroom

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