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Posttraumatic tension disorder ptsd in study

Stress, Behavioral Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Trauma

Excerpt coming from Research Pitch:

This study attracted the specialist inside with its warmth and obvious take care of children. One weakness, the researcher remarks, however , is definitely the implementation of a specific sort of implementing related literary approaches.

Application to the School Placing

The setup of certain literacy approaches appropriate to help children of abuse, since Haeseler (2006) recommends, the researcher disagrees, would prove to be a positive practice. The specialist would be concerned if this would add to the teacher’s current pressure and/or workload.


The article by Haeseler (2006) improved the researcher’s appreciation with the value and versatility of literature. The researcher experienced second thoughts regarding the function of the teacher as a institution psychologist, although, in addition to his/her current responsibilities. Most likely, schools should consider contracting with professional writers to on a regular basis implement this type therapeutic treatment for children with PTSD.


Comparing and Contrasting

The articles by Cook-Cottone (2004), Brown et al. (2006), and Haeseler (2006) present pertinent information for instructors in regard to children with PTSD, with the first two directed toward the school psychologist.

Each article, however , the researcher claims, appears to place all responsibility for dealing with a child’s PTSD. This particular stage needs to be reconsidered, the specialist contends, with more focus on the involvement/interventions from the parent.


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