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Policing subculture research paper

Police File corruption error, Police Schooling, Police, Authorities Discretion

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Police Subculture- Add on Response

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Nathan, I enjoyed examining your perspective and can relate to much of what you have indicated. Your reason of the your life cycle of a police career provided an obvious and to the point way of outlining this demanding aspects of law enforcement. I agree with your opinion about patience as well as importance in keeping a balanced and obvious mind when engaged in demanding policing actions. Your overview was helpful and precise.

Your emphasis on education in your response lines up very much with my own philosophy on the subject, and is proved by this particular educational encounter we are progressing through. Simply by understanding your life as one huge learning surface allows law enforcement officials officers never to place excessive stress about themselves. Due to the fact that this type of work is always mired in the unfamiliar, being at ease with ignorance is a great first step in becoming better educated and eventually a better specialist.

I a bit disagree however with your closing statement articulating the need to safeguard family members through the pain and stresses. I believe, this repression could be harmful in the long run. The plight of a law enforcement officer should be accompanied by relatives and buddies so they can provide support. Although some details of the work need to be combined with discretion, the truth should never be concealed. Only when people understand one other can they start to help the other person.

Response a couple of

Gary, interesting good items, I discovered much via reading the views. The comments on respect had been very good and resonated with my views on the matter. Incorporating improving each and every specific citizen are at the center of what law enforcement truly does. We work for the people, not the other way around. By expressing this kind of notion you touched after a frequently overlooked element of this occupation.

I are glad you incorporated the dangers of substance abuse inside your writing. Personally, this is very important and oftentimes overlooked. Drinking alcohol can often be treated included in the job and is also very frequent throughout the profession. The risks of drowning sadness and pain away, that is certainly experienced in lots of different ways in a law enforcement career, are great and need to be dealt with and not terminated. The machismo associate with this occupation may encourage people to consider it too much. Courage should be tempered with patience and reason in case it is to be of any value to the officer.

I totally agree with your conclusion regarding family staying the most important facet of the persona and it must be successfully designed in order to keep almost all interested functions at an detailed level.

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