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Personal theory daily news essay

Throughout my encounter my current course, Theories and Methods: Human Companies in Criminal Justice, I use learned a good amount of information about the numerous theories of psychotherapy in counseling. Some of these theories operate on the basis of recognizing errors in thinking and repairing those errors. Other theories operate on the foundation of multiculturalism and the fact that all customers are exclusive and should have to be treated as such. Resulting from learning from my own readings associated with my discussion posts with class mates, I used to be able to produce my own treatment theory pertaining to counseling.

Explanation of Theory and how come I believe in it

Any student in a human service course will be able to develop her or his own treatment theory when the study course ends. My own theory calls for both cognitive and multicultural approaches to remedy. Cognitive approaches to therapy operate on the presumption that by correcting the clients’ flawed beliefs, they can learn to react more correctly, how to think differently, and the way to act on these types of learnings (Jones-Smith, 2012).

On the other hand, Multicultural approaches to therapy suggest that therapies theories stand for various sights of the world with their own values, biases, and assumptions regarding human habit, and that every clients will be unique somehow and that their individual variations must be equally accepted and revered (Jones-Smith, 2012).

I believe in combining these approaches to therapy for my personal theory for a couple of reasons. 1st, I have usually thought that offenders within the criminal justice system need to identify their mistakes in thinking before they are able to change their actions to be in accordance with the law. Plus, like a future worker of the felony justice system who will almost certainly be working in human providers, I need to be able to work with customers from various cultural experience andto accept and identified their dissimilarities. Combining these two theories is a good way for me to be able to help all of my personal future prospective clients in the simplest way possible.

Hypotheses and Theorists I Associate the Most to and for what reason

After browsing all of the material for this program, I found which i relate to some of the theories and theorist greater than I do other folks. For instance, I found that I can easily relate to Albert Ellis fantastic Rational Emotive Behavior Theory or REBT. One of the reasons which i can connect with this theory and theorist is because it is a cognitive method to therapy, that we think is essential for offenders to take part in to find the best chances of living a crime-free life. Plus, REBT will be based upon the belief that individuals are born with a potential for irrational or rational thinking (Jones-Smith, 2012). Additionally , REBT preserves that people will be born constructivists and have significant amounts of resources for human being growth (Jones-Smith, 2012). I have always made these assumptions about persons, which is also so why I can relate to this theory.

I can also connect with Ho’s theory of internalized culture, which suggests that the composition of our worldviews are affected by eternalized culture (Jones-Smith, 2012). In addition , the theory suggests that effective modern counseling will be based upon the counselor’s ability to rise above the restrictions and limits of his / her personal tradition (Jones-Smith, 2012). I can connect with this mainly because I think that it must be necessary to have the ability to look past my personal philosophy and experience to be able to help a wide range of customers. Relating to these kinds of theories and theorists features helped me to develop my own personal input theory which i will be able to utilization in my upcoming career.

What Surprised myself most regarding the Ideas and why

Some of the hypotheses and principles from this program took me by surprise. For instance, it took me by surprise that there are hypotheses and advocates created specifically intended for feminist as well as the LGBT communities. Although I understand that all types of people have issues that they should address in therapy, I actually never thought that specific restorative techniques had been developed intended for feminist and LGBT areas. However , it will make sense the LGBT community would have specific issues that other folks may not have to face. Additionally , I was somewhat surprised with the variety of ideas andapproaches that are used for Asians, Muslims, and Arabs.

What surprised me about these theories is that they had been very different coming from many of the ideas generally employed by our culture. In addition , I did not grasp how the differences in these nationalities played these kinds of a large role in how to approach these masse with therapy. However , Used to do find them interesting, and deemed many of the concepts for use in my own intervention theory. Even though these theories took me by surprise, My spouse and i recognize their very own importance in psychotherapy methods to counseling.


All of the theories of psychotherapy discussed through this course work for certain people with specific needs. Although some of the theories were surprising, they all have merit and can be effective with the right client. Despite the fact that I understand the importance of all the theories and theorists, I was able to relate to some more than others. After relating to specific theories and theorists, I used to be able to develop my own personal input theory depending on cognitive and multicultural approaches to therapy. My own intervention theory, along with the rest of the theories and concepts discussed in this program will guidebook me along my voyage of career as a juvenile probation police officer in the future.


Jones-Smith, E. (2012). Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy: A great Integrative Way. Sage Journals.


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