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Pcr and dna sequencing experiment laboratory

Parkinsons Disease, Bacteria, Cell Biology, Molecular

Excerpt from Lab Report:

The purified DNA can now be prepared by using a PCR like procedure that is certainly described in greater detail by Innis and then could be automatically sequenced using regular methods (Hirashi). The producing DNA series can then be created the NCBI database to find a microbial match. The database can be found the following web address:

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Using PCR and GENETICS sequencing methods it was identified that the bacterias isolated from a patient test was Bartonella henselae. The results with the DNA sequencing can be seen in physique one. This can be the output that was inputted into the NCBI database to find a microbe match. The very best five outcomes of the NCBI database look for the GENETICS sequence show up in table a single. The results indicate the bacterium was likely Bartonella henselae. Rochalimaea is a classic genus name for Bartonella.


PCR and DNA sequencing was successfully utilized to identify a bacterium that was remote from the patient sample. The bacterium was identified to become Bartonella henselae. B. henselae is known to trigger cat damage disease which is transmitted to humans using a cat vector. Some prevalent symptoms of cat scratch disease are inflammation at the web page of harm, fever and fatigue. It is generally not treated however in more severe instances antibiotics may be prescribed. Down the road, the test could be repeated for various other isolated groupe grown through the patient test.


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Incorporation Number


gi|39295|Z11684. 1

R. henselae 16S rRNA gene gi|6626180|AF214556. 1

Bartonella henselae 16S ribosomal RNA, partial pattern gi|2828303|AJ223779. one particular

Bartonella henselae 16S rRNA gene, isolate FR96/BK38

gi|2828302|AJ223778. 1

Bartonella henselae 16S rRNA gene, isolate FR96/BK3

gi|109501457|DQ645426. one particular

Bartonella henselae strain M40SHD 16S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequence

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