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Organizational structure of any housekeeping

The house cleaning department of your lodging house typically accounts for the company largest labor expense.

Business Level

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Many hotel housekeeping departments will be led simply by an professional housekeeper. This kind of employee is usually a member in the executive staff. In smaller properties, this individual reports straight to the general manager. In greater properties, he might report to the rooms department manager. The executive housekeeper is responsible for handling housekeeping staff, planning budgets, identifying cleaning needs, ordering supplies and coordinating with other departments to ensure excellent customer service.

Several properties have an helper executive housekeeper.

The executive housekeeper is a manager who have must occasionally be prepared to clean toilets.


Guestroom Washing The major responsibility of a lodge housekeeping staff is washing guestrooms within an efficient manner to prepare areas for friends checking in to the property. Guestroom attendants are usually expected to clean a room in 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the size of the bedroom. Others from this department incorporate house family and friends who pick up linen carriers and refill housekeeping carts and inspectors who check each space after it truly is cleaned to make certain it complies with the property’s quality criteria.

Guestroom family and friends ensure that every single guestroom is spotless.

Open public Area Washing The housekeeping department is likewise responsible for the population areas of the hotel, equally front-of-the-house and back-of-the property areas. They might also be responsible for cleaning dining area areas as soon as they have shut down, though meals and beverage staff are generally responsible for the cleaning in the daytime. Public space cleaners make up the majority of this part of the house cleaning department.

General public space cleaners are responsible intended for lobbies, office buildings, corridors and also other non-guestroom regions of the property


Properties that have in-house laundry services possess a laundry manager who answers right to the executive housekeeper. The laundry manager manages the work flow from the laundry as well as the laundry workers. Laundry staff include laundry attendants who have operate the washers, washer dryer combos, presses and folders, and linen joggers who get linen make it aside as it is accomplished. Some laundry departments also hire a seamstress to fix linens or perhaps repurpose damaged linens to other uses (such as making cloths or cleaning cloths out of shower towels or foodstuff service aprons out of bedsheets).

The laundry division processes all the hotel’s linens.


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