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Negative effects of philip ii reign upon spain

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Through the early as well as the late fifteenth century, The country of spain was at a high point. Spain was the central power in Europe during that time and Spain was usa under his father and mother. Philip II reign began Spains golden grow older. However , Philip II guideline was not totally beneficial to Italy. He wounded Spain through heavy taxation and this individual caused holland to revolt impact on for that reason he had a negative on The country. Philip II was born in 1527 in Valladolid The country of spain. His dad was Charles V and his mother was Isabella of Portugal(OI). Charles V dominated Spain during the early fifteenth and Philip II started to be ruler inside the mid-1500s and he dominated until late 1500s to early 1600s(OI). Philip the II passed away on September 13th in 1598(OI).

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Philip was 71 years of age when he died(OI). Also, Philip, the 2 ruled intended for forty additionally years. Philip the II reign and Charles Sixth is v reign got drastically other ways that molded Spain. “Philip the II succeeded his father as the full sovereign coin of The country, Sicily, MIlian, the Netherlands, England Carte Mexico, and Peru” ( Lincoln Library Press). ” Though Philip’s region extended for over 40 years in many ways he under no circumstances outlasted the large shadow of his father” (Lincoln Selection Press).

Charles Sixth is v had a better reign and left Spain in a far better place than Philip 2. Charles Sixth is v unparalleled successes in the New World, and stored Spain at the very pinnacle of globe power, a position she would not relinquish pertaining to 100 years(World History in Context). Likewise, Philip’s 2 rule was not as good as his fathers rule was since Philip tried to force plans on to his people, which in turn Charles the V did not do(OI). Since Philip 2 tried pushing policies for the Netherlands, which in turn made holland revolt and it allowed the Netherlands to get their independence after a long war that took 82 years(OI). Philip the II ruined Spain’s economy and he made Spain lose their position in Europe because the world electric power also he had a negative position. Philip the II smashed Spains heart of liberty(Lincoln Library Press). He smashed the idea of liberty of speech, etc which in turn made his rule negative because he is definitely giving his people less freedom. Philip the 2 persecuted diligent moors(Lincoln Collection Press).

Philip the II harassed people of your different race and color. The diligent moors happen to be Latios, that has been a different contest and color than Philip the II(OI). Also, Philip, the 2 destroyed Spains economy through heavy taxes(Lincoln Library Press) Since Philip the II raised income taxes it achieved it harder for the individuals of Spain to pay and the less cash they had therefore he just about made Spain bankrupt(OI). Philip the II had a really good army, but it leads The country to go under and he spent lots of money on his army and navy. Spain’s multitude was a number of 130 delivers. Spain’s armada lost towards the British in a navy/marine struggle when The country of spain tried to take control Britain. Spain’s infantry, on the other hand never misplaced a frequency battle pertaining to 150 years(Historic World Leaders).

Spain’s army had won every fight for one hundred and fifty years direct which likely took a lot of money so this bring about heavy taxes which in returning lead to Italy going insolvent and losing their community power(OI). He concluded your fourth and last Habsburg-Valois Battle by decisively defeating french at St . Quentin in 1557 including Gravelines the following year(Historic Globe Leaders). The 1559 Treaty of Cateau-Cambresis firmly substantiate Spanish hegemony (dominance) in Italyan concern that got occupied the two dynasties over half of a century(Historic Globe Leaders). Philip the II had a negative impact on The country of spain and lead Spain for their downfall. This individual caused Spain to go broke due to all of the wars he was fighting and he made Italy go broke through large taxes. Through all this Spain shed its electricity and it was no longer the greatest power in Europe.

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