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Multicultural counseling annotated bibliography

Cultural Competency, Annotated Bibliography, Career Counseling, Group Counseling

Excerpt from Annotated Bibliography:

Multicultural Therapies

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cultural opinion and/or widely appropriate concours.

Burnett, J. A., Hamel, D., Extended, L. L. (2004). Assistance learning in graduate counselor education: Producing multicultural therapies competency. Journal of Multicultural

Counseling and Development, 32(3), 180-191.

Even the most fervent counseling pupils are initially limited by their very own cultural worldview. This article looks at ways to enhance the education of graduate college students in the field with service-based learning. Service learning integrates classroom learning with community services. The procedure merges academics concepts with real-world, hands-on experience in the beginning in the students’ career showing the link among theory and practice. Everyone benefits: students, the people receiving the assistance, and the customers of the eventual graduates. This article involves a qualitative study of a one group of students who self volunteered at 4 service companies serving African-American low-income areas. Although determining the ultimate influence on the students’ practice had not been conclusive (the study was not longitudinal in nature) most students reported having a confident experience while reflected inside the mandatory publications students kept for the course. Software participants likewise benefited.

Charles, L., L., Thomas, D., Thornton, M. L. (2005). Overcoming bias towards same-sex couples: A case study from the inside an integrity classroom. Log of Marriage and Relatives Therapy, 31(3), 239-49.

Ethnic tolerance in counseling must not only be came up with as a question of ethnic or ethnic sensitivity: friends and family counselors should also deal with same-sex couples in a fashion that suits the unique needs of the individuals. The article notes a paucity of literature about them specific to the field of marriage and family remedy. The article’s impetus started out when the authors’ students freely expressed resistance to dealing with LGBT persons within their future practice and considered if there was a way to ‘opt out’ of this. To fix this opinion, outside consultants were generated within the class specifically to teach students inside the special requirements of the population and to make the scholars more self-reflective about their personal stereotyping. Common issues which arose amongst the students had been reconciling their spiritual beliefs with the need to treat consumers. As a result of the intervention, pupils expressed greater willingness and openness to take care of same-sex couples.

Goh, M. (2005). Ethnical competence and master counselors: An insondable relationship.

Diary of Mental Health Guidance, 27(1), 71-81.

To be an effective ‘master’ therapist requires the therapist to be culturally competent. However , few research studies are in existence which will study both of these variables, according to the authors’ materials review of the niche. Both principles of competence and cultural competency may be elusive to define however clearly there is also a need to boost both, specifically given the mounting proof that fraction patients will not avail themselves of mental health companies to the same degree while whites. Overall, this article take into account the need for even more research upon establishing what qualifies since multicultural skills in a counselor. It critiques even the existing cross-cultural exploration as certainly not “conclusive or useful due to bias in value-laden presumptions and ideas of prior

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