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Moliere life and job


Molière, He was the primary French comedian actor, stage director, and dramatic theoretician of the 17th century. Moliere In a theatrical period, early baroque (The Baroque is known as a period of imaginative style that used high motion and clear, very easily interpreted details to produce episode. ) He was born about Jan. 12-15, 1622, his father was obviously a Parisian household furniture merchant and upholsterer for the king.

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Molière received his early education at the College or university de Clermont, a Jesuit school, learning to be a promising college student of Latina and Greek. Although this individual proceeded to study law and was awarded his law degree in 1642, he turned away from both the legal profession wonderful fathers organization. Instead, this individual incorporated (1643) an performing troupe, the Illustre Movie theater, in collaboration with the Bejart family.

With this company, Molière went bankrupt, then left to travel the provinces, primarily in southernn Portugal, from about 1646 to 1658. In 1658 the troupe returned to Paris, france and enjoyed before Louis XIV. The kings buddy became Molières patron, we were holding appointed recognized providers of entertainment for the Louis XIV of France.

In the following years, starting with The Precious Maidens Ridiculed (1659), which founded him as the utmost popular comic playwright during, and stopping with The Fictional Invalid (1673), Molière Innocently made various enemies. The clergy incorrectly believed that certain of his plays had been attacks around the church.

In 1662 this individual married Armande Béjart, a 19-year-old presenter who was both Madeleines sis or possibly her daughter by simply Molière. Back in the 1660s, Molière developed a lung condition from which this individual never restored, although he continued to work before He finally collapsed in Feb. 18, 1673, following the fourth efficiency of The Fictional Invalid, and died in the home that nighttime. Church frontrunners refused to grant his body a formal burial. Seven years afterwards the ruler united Molières company with one of its opponents, since that time the French national cinema, the Comédie Francaise, continues to be known as the Property of Molière.

Molières main short plays (in a couple of acts) happen to be: The Envious Husband (1645? ), The Flying Doctor (1648? ), Sganarelle (1660), The Rehearsal at Versailles (1663), as well as the Forced Marriage (1664), the longer plays (in three or five acts) are the School pertaining to Husbands (1661), The School for Wives (1662), Tartuffe (1664), Don Juan (1665), The Misanthrope (1666), The Doctor in Spite of Himself (1666), Amphitryon (1668), The Miser (1668), George Nigaud (1668), The Bourgeois Man (1670), Scapin (1671), The Learned Girls (1672), and The Imaginary Incorrect (1673).

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