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Mobile phone market is growing essay

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Social class remains a key demand driver upon both a micro and macro level.

The perceptual map in the global cellular phone market depending on features and price is the following:

The initially point of segmentation is to use respect to behavior, particularly the benefits desired and usage rate. The necessity in the developed world intended for smartphones has been driven simply by demand for new features. Younger consumers are heavy users of txt messaging and this features driven demand for smartphones (IDC, 2010). Growth of the Blackberry is related to the advantages of quality communications application even though the growth of the iPhone has derived from consumer interest in gimmicky applications. There is room, then, for segmentation with respect to behavior because the characteristic emphasis hard drives demand for particular devices. Users seeking simply basic features – telephone, text, camera – will be satisfied with a traditional mobile phone.

The other point of segmentation is by using respect to geographic segmentation, which ties directly into the social class aspect of demographic segmentation. Many users look at a mobile phone as a necessity – particularly in the developing world where landline infrastructure may be poor. Yet , there is a good degree of cost sensitivity in developing marketplaces, where many consumers simply cannot afford feature-driven smartphones. In these markets, fundamental functionality at a low price is the key demand driver, rather than innovative features.

The third level of segmentation is within marketplaces. In terms of demographics, within the developed world there are numerous of complete breakdowns within the marketplace. Each key manufacturer makes dozens of the latest models of, each designed to appeal to specific segments of the marketplace. Brightly colored phones, for example , may possibly appeal to teenagers, or young adult females. Cell phones can be built to fit less difficult in purses and handbags, or in pockets, depending if the marketplace of that unit is most people.

The fourth point of segmentation is psychographic. Psychographic segmentation relates to hobbies, attitudes and values. There are many different types of cellular phone users. For some, the phone is viewed as an essential application. These users may select either a classic phone or a smart phone with respect to the tools that they need. Other folks view it like a multipurpose marketing and sales communications essential – phone, textual content, camera and Internet access included. A third group views the phone as a plaything, filled with obnoxious features with which to spend time – iPhone users one example is.

Marketing Strategies

The primary company in the industry is Nokia. The Finnish company offers succeeded by developing and launching a broad number of different cell phones with different features at several prices items – a saturation technique. Nokia presently occupies a percentage of the market that is downsizing, given the relative deficiency of presence in smartphones as well as its lack of occurrence in the weak of the marketplace. Nokia’s item and cost mix, consequently , is unacceptable in a industry that is becoming increasingly segmented in manners that are incongruous with its current product line. It is strongly recommended therefore that Nokia build a smartphone, although that the company prices this phone at a point less than the Blackberry mobile phones or the i phone, the two marketplace leaders. The Nokia smart phone should receive similar ubiquitous marketing and distribution that other Nokia products get. A lower-end smart phone not simply has potential in the created world, nevertheless is more likely to succeed in the expanding world, in which the degree of value sensitivity is higher. In other words, Nokia ought to adopt a penetration prices strategy. This phone should be aggressively advertised through Nokia’s usual programs. It should be backed by an expensive marketing campaign, as this business generally not simply is comfortable with doing extensive volume however it is rivalling against set up players. Nokia has one of many world’s greatest brands, therefore a transmission pricing approach, saturation distribution and intense marketing campaign should allow the Existerar the opportunity to develop a leading business in cell phones.

For Exploration in Motion, the focus needs to be on having a greater breadth of models. The company is now established like a high-end maker of smart phones. However , smart phones are going mainstream. RIM’s solid brand collateral will help that develop a products that is even more segmented than the existing products. RIM should expand circulation, particularly to the developing world where the fresh lower priced types have a powerful chance in success. In addition , having a wider product line allows the company to more accurately concentrate on specific segments of the industry, in contrast to main competitor Apple which has a “one-size-fits-all-whether-you-like-it-or-not” approach to marketplace segmentation.

Huawei is a Chinese producer of low end cell phones. As the conventional phone marketplace becomes increasingly commoditized, most companies will be able to build feature-rich phones by a low cost. Huawei, by virtue of it is Chinese cost structure, strong government support and huge domestic industry, should be able to focus on a cost leadership strategy to be able build out market share in the traditional cellular phone market. The corporation should continue to keep its product line restricted to low-end items, and value them below the competition. Huawei will also have to increase their global distribution. The company will need to retain their minimalistic online strategy and let it is prices speak for themselves. In doing this, Huawei can increase its market share in classic phones having a proprietary competitive advantages.


The cellphone industry provides two primary segments – smartphones and traditional cell phones. The former is a growth industry with the two main players being EDGE and Apple; the latter can be described as mature market that is dominated by Korean language and Scandinavian firms and Motorola. Cell phones are inside the growth period with the solid possibility of building out to fully market penetration in the next 10 years or so. Therefore, all firms serious about preserving a occurrence in the cellphone industry need to build out a strategy to enter in and build share in the mobile phone market. The conventional phone market is headed towards commoditization, this means the businesses best suited for your market are those just like Huawei that may effectively adopt a cost command strategy.

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