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Medical problems research newspaper

Medical And Medication, Medication Mistakes, Electronic Medical Records, Health professional To Sufferer Ratio

Excerpt from Analysis Paper:

Medical Problems:

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Faulty Healthcare System

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Medical or perhaps health professionals are viewed as to be the looked upon and most highly valued persons. Specialists are supply of hope for persons suffering from several diseases. This kind of puts extra responsibility around the doctors and health professionals and they are generally required to be more careful and cautious whilst performing their very own operations and duties.

Despite of all exceptional care and caution in part of the health care professionals, there are raising number of medical errors. Medical errors will be defined as the mistakes or faults made by the health or medical professionals leading to harmful and dangerous effects for the patients. These include errors along the way of diagnosis known as classification errors, errors in the managing of drugs and prescribing drugs known as medication errors, flaws or mistakes in the while performing techniques of the medical procedures, while using some other therapy, with all the any gear, and while interpretation the studies and studies of the studies. Some of the examples of medical errors are (Rogers):

Preventive mistakes.

Medication problems.

Surgical problems.

Preoperative mistakes.

Operative mistakes.

Postoperative problems.

Diagnostic mistakes.

System failing

Medical problems can result in significant and dangerous implications not merely for people but also for the professional plus the medical institution. Apart from this medical mistakes can be costly, can result in nerve-racking situations, can easily consume extra time, and can be disturbing for anyone.

There can be diverse reasons behind medical errors. These kinds of errors are mainly related with the inexperienced doctors and medical staff, new and ineffective methods, instances requiring extensive care, incorrect communication and documentation, poor ratio of nurse to patient, and medications with similar names. Apart from these types of sometime the actions with the patients likewise result in critical medical problems. Imperfect and flawed program along with improperly designed process are in charge of for large numbers of medical mistakes (Institute of Medicine).

The results of the medical errors will vary depending on the severity of the situation and on the behaviour of the health care professionals. It is the ethical duty and responsibility in the health professionals to simply accept their mistake and speak about it.

Medical errors are just not the situation of one or two individuals it is linked with the complete health care program and should be dealt in keeping this kind of into consideration.


“Mostly medical mistakes occur both because of poor communication or because of improper planning and error in implementing the program. “

Medical errors is possible anywhere in the complete process of featuring medical care to the patients. Almost all of the medical problems or mistakes happen because of the fault inside the system of the institution or perhaps because the health care professionals and doctors are not able to put into practice the process accurately. Along with this there ought to be a proper credit reporting system intended for the medical errors in order that those blunders and errors are not repeated in future.


The issue of medical errors is definitely not new and is existing from the beginning. But this problem or problem has been neglected and have certainly not given the deserved consideration and attention. In 1990 a special body system emerged with regards to describing the issue of medical errors and its effects on the quality of the health care solutions. Medical errors had been classified among the four main difficulties or challenges confronted by the healthcare professionals along the way of improving the quality of the care companies and alternatives (Institute of Medicine).

Medical errors have serious effects and result. These errors lead to the death of around one hundred and eighty, 000 persons every year, more than deaths as a result of cancer, incidents, and ASSISTS. This leads to making medical errors the fifth greatest reason behind the death. Inside all medical errors, about 7, 1000 deaths each year are as a result of medication mistakes (Institute of Medicine).

There have been an increasing community concern about the medical errors. People are now becoming more aware of the problem and are demanding for more proper care and protection. According into a research by the national sufferer safety basis around 42% of the persons had been inspired by medical error. Concurrently a research carried out by American Society of Health program Pharmacists says around 61% of the people are worried about getting the inappropriate medication, 58% with the people are concerned with the getting two or more this kind of medicines which may have negative incorporate effect, and around 56% of the people are worried about the negative outcomes and problems of a medical therapy or treatment.

After analyzing different adverse or sentinel events coming from 1995 to 2010, the Joint Commission presented the six prevalent events or perhaps causes resulting in serious implications. These 6 categories were (Rogers):

1 ) Surgery on wrong internet site (13. 4%)

2 . Suicide committed by patient (11. 9%)

a few. Complications and issues during operation or after operation (10. 8%)

5. Treatment gaps (8. 6%)

5. Medication errors (8. 1%)

six. Patient declines (6. 4%)

There is expensive cost associated with the medical errors not only in terms of financials although also in moral terms. Medical errors result in lowering the trust of people above the health institutions and healthcare system and diminishing the satisfaction from the patients and health professionals. In line with the report from the Institute of Medicine, around $37. 6 billion per year is definitely the cost received because of the medical errors. Away of this total cost, the cost related with the preventable mistakes is estimated to be in the range of $17 million to $29 mil every year (Institute of Medicine).


Example 1:

17-Year-old Jesica Santillan Died after receiving incorrect heart and lungs:

By Duke University Medical Centre, a 17-year-old girl passed away because of medical error. She died because she received wrong heart and lungs. Santillan was a Mexican zugezogener who had critical heart state that’s why the girl came to America for medical treatment. She acknowledged Duke Hospital in Clarington N. C. And doctors suggested that her condition could increase after the heart-lungs transplantation but doctors at hospital did not check suitability and started the surgical procedure.

Doctors transplanted heart and lungs of your patient whose blood group didn’t coordinated with the blood vessels group of Jesica Santillan. Jesica had blood group of type O but she received the type A- donor’s internal organs. So following surgery she endured brain damage and she perished.

The main reason of the incident is that Duke University Hospital didn’t have safeguards to assure a compatible transplant (Archibold).

Case Study a couple of:

Another circumstance which can be quoted here is regarding the medication error.

This situatio study is about Jasmine Gant, a girl who also died because of medical mistake by St . Mary’s Clinic. She i visited hospital (St. Mary’s Hospital) preparing to provide birth to her son. The state of hawaii department of health and family members services executed research on her death and report demonstrated that one of the nurses by hospital gave her wrong medicine. That nurse was supposed to give penicillin intravenously but the lady gave epidural painkiller to Jasmine Gant. So as a result of reaction that wrong painkiller Gant had an attack and she perished.

The main reason of that incident is that the doctor didn’t the actual protocol to make sure that the patient received correct remedies. Report as well concluded that St Mary’s Hospital didn’t possess care programs which list the standard functioning procedures of provide proper care to different sufferers. Staff of St . Mary’s Hospital was also unaware of drug-delivery procedures. The state of section of health insurance and family services investigation identified that hospital had insufficiency in three main areas (Channel3000).

1 ) Hospital failed to establish proper care plans for patients.

installment payments on your Hospital didn’t have procedures for safe handling and administration of medicines.

3. Hospital don’t communicate drug delivery procedures with its nursing staff.


According to the Institute of Medicine most of the medical errors will be related to the issues and difficulties with the system are because of the carelessness or lack of knowledge of the medical researchers. Current trends suggest that consistency of medical errors could be reduced by focusing on the performance in the complete approach to provide wellness services and health alternatives and trying to improve this product. The solution is usually not to blame the health experts, they are man and can make errors, nevertheless different researches and research have verified that the improvement in software has resulted in lowering the rates or frequency of the problems and ultimately contributes to improving the quality of the overall medical (Institute of Medicine).

The major issue or problem is the decentralized and inappropriate program or no program at all. As a result of ineffective system and inappropriate communication ways, the health services do not have full access to information and this results in different mistakes and errors.

The main focus at this time is to build such a health system which is powerful and useful and reduce the probability of different kinds of problems or faults. As it is becoming perceived that many of the medical errors are result of improper systems, connection process, and other conditions

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