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Machiavelli and weber comparing politics

Philosophy is referred to as a set of values, concepts and attitudes organised by an individual or a group of people. It is the study of problems in general plus the prescription of solutions to complications based on critical and systemic analyses as well as the employment of rational discussion. Philosophy throughout the lens of Political Technology does to be able mentioned above with regards to the state, the governance from the state the ethics of your individual owning political electricity. Political philosophers focus on the issues relating to the state, such as personal action that need or do not need to be taken as well as the general patterns of a given individual involved in politics.

With the focus set on just the express, political action and assault, two philosophers have critically analyzed governmental policies through the three concepts listed above: Niccolo Machiavelli and Max Weber. They each have their personal views, opinions and suggestions that both have similarities and differences with the cultural and temporal inconsistency between the both of them.

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The simple fact that a selection of their ideas intersect is interesting.

Niccolo Machiavelli, known as the founding father of recent Political Technology, lived among 1469 and 1752 in Florence in what is known today as Italia. He is not simply known for his work in politics and diplomacy, as he was also a well-versed historian. This individual employed the process of citing historic characters and events in his approval for the suggestions selection in his famous book: The Prince. In the book that was dedicated to Lorenzo Medici, Machiavelli raises many important factors relating to the political environment, governance and ethics associated with an individual in possession of political electricity citing politics actions that should and should not really be taken, the state of hawaii briefly and violence in governing which can be studied by political philosophers today and there is many old concepts and practices pointed out in the text message that can still be incorporated in modern personal practices.

Max Weber notoriously known as one of many three founders of modern Sociology, lived between 1864 and 1920 in Germany. Even though he specializing in the field of Sociology, Weber would delve into the world of politics. His methods vary from that of Machiavelli as time progressed, thus did society and the knowledge had by the human race. Instead of making use of the method of historical analysis in his philosophy of national politics, Weber utilizes Sociology in his analysis from the political world. In his groundbreaking essay named ‘Politics as being a Vocation’, Weber explores the field of politics through political activities based on interpersonal implications; whether it is good or bad and weighing the rewards against price. He procedes mention the state of hawaii and its rights of governance in which violence is also offered. This file is also interesting to those in neuro-scientific politics, as his meaning of the state is just about the general knowledge of Western social thought.

Through this paper, We would argue that although their views on governance may be different on the outlook, they share a likeness, which can be recognized through examining their sagesse carefully. This kind of also means that they can share different views on the concepts of political action, the state and violence that can also be reviewed in this paper.


In his publication, The Knight in shining armor, Machiavelli concentrates his attention on counselling and training the prince, Lorenzo Medici in the treacherous world of national politics. The publication is considered simply a manual to getting the royal prince. As such, he elaborates on an array of ideas relating to national politics. For the purpose of this kind of paper, this article of his writing will probably be analyzed through the three concepts listed above. When it comes to political action, Machiavelli creates about rudeness and physical violence and the right use of the evil act of rudeness. He admits that rudeness can and should be used smartly once within a rule when he explains in his words “_Injuries therefore , should be inflicted all in one, for the less they are tasted, the less they offend. _” (Cahn, 2011, p. 260). He then procedes say that from then on one imposition of damage, the prince should steadily distribute rewards in little quantities consecutively, sequentially (Cahn, 2011, p. 260). Machiavelli boosts a good point in his description above while when people happen to be constantly controlled by miseries, injuries and bad luck, they will sooner or later grow weary of it and revolt, nevertheless if the requirement for the use of rudeness arises and it is applied in the prince’s governance at one particular point of your time, it is only believed once and may sometimes always be forgiven through time.

It truly is basic knowledge from daily observation that repetitive activities can be very bothersome and that understanding can be used in Machiavelli’s justification for the use of cruelty. As for the division of benefits after the fact of cruelty, it works well because Machiavelli claims that the themes can completely savor the goodness of the benefits if they are given in small quantities successively. After getting treated with cruelty, the gradual circulation of benefits might show the topics that it can simply get better from there on and could appease the topics. This concept is seen today in several forms of govt, where benefits such as tax returns or any sort of government assistance is always given in small amounts and in monthly or yearly intervals.

This is where Machiavelli relates political action to violence. The state can also be associated with Machiavelli’s conceiving of politics action. Through his writings, Machiavelli was seen as somebody who detested representative governments or perhaps republics and therefore refers to the state of hawaii as the prince’s control which resulted in the knight in shining armor was the state. As such, the prince and also the state was free to work in a way that that sees match for more suitable good of the state by itself. Machiavelli’s conception of the state suggests that he believes another type of set of meaningful rules apply at the state which it is unreasonable for the state of hawaii to act similar to a regular person would take action.


In his composition titled ‘_Politics as a Vocation_’, Max Weber explores the field of politics through the lens of Sociology. As Weber goes into the lecture,  he commences by saying that national politics exist solely in the realm with the State and between says. This leads Weber to defining condition in his own words, “_Today, however , we must say that a situation is a human community that (successfully) promises the monopoly of the legit use of physical force within a given territory_. ” (Weber, 1919, p. 1). Weber, Like Machiavelli, believed which the violence and cruelty could be incorporated into governance however the direct use of the definition of ‘legitimate’. Thinking about legitimate assault is uncertain in a sense of what is regarded legitimate assault? The ambiguity of the term has created a ‘grey-zone’ for which the definition of legitimate assault can be discussed.

However , gathering from his ideas and considering his position in the timeline of political philosophers, Weber’s comprehension of legitimate physical violence can be described as violence that is express sanctioned to shield the majority of the people within a condition. This means that the state of hawaii can use physical violence to halt the advance of people who dedicate crimes that harm the state as a whole where the greater great of the point out is the reason for assault rather than personal gain. For example , in the new 2010 Toronto G20 Summit riots, those who were involved in the rioting had been subject to physical violence from the law enforcement (who will be authorized by the state to act on their behalf) who arrested the rioters. The riot was obviously a harmful act carried out by a team of citizens through using violence, the police could curb the threat and return the downtown area Toronto to its standard daily life. Weber’s definition of the state of hawaii and his utilization of the term ‘legitimate violence’ satisfactorily connects three concepts as listed above.


Evaluating the suggestions of Machiavelli and Weber, there are some notable similarities even though the two philosophers lived in several points of all time and also around Europe. In addition there are some obvious differences in their particular view of politics that is listed. Both equally Machiavelli and Weber condone to state endorsed violence while using purpose of the more good from the public, even so their views on the degree of physical violence differ greatly. For Machiavelli, he thought that cruelty and assault should be used only once it will vary in degrees according to the circumstances. Because of this Machiavelli condones to excessive use of physical violence in one one use. Regarding Weber, his idea of the legitimate utilization of violence could imply that the violence applied would be employed in a way it is not excessive and applied only to in the short term disable rather than harm once and for all. Their thoughts about the state are also quite comparable and different as well.

Machiavelli identifies the state since the prince’s possession when Weber known the state as an business that got the power to use legitimate violence. The likeness between the two ideas is the fact that that they the two agree the state of hawaii has privileges that frequent citizens will not. The difference is that Machiavelli assumed the knight in shining armor was able to act freely (wisely) in any way this individual seen fit to achieve success. Weber on the other hand thought that assault should just be used against those who jeopardize the peacefulness and reliability of the point out rather than personal gain.

Machiavelli’s philosophy is visible as a even more realistic watch of human nature and his ideas are more attractive as they are even more practical to individual gain. He is mostly of the philosophers that acknowledges and condones to evil as much philosophers usually write simply on how men should live rather than how men truly live. Weber also has a sense of practicality in his views nevertheless is more downplayed and good as physical violence or evil in his judgment was to provide to maintain tranquility and order within the state.

After the analysis of the two philosophers, it could be concluded that although their opinions may seem completely different, they are in such a way similar. Their particular views on violence are both the same to a level and also distinct when they get further into explaining even more into the idea. Their getting pregnant of the state are also being a point until it finally was developed upon which obvious differences could be seen. That they both arranged violence could possibly be used in governance however the level and actual purpose differed when reviewed. In terms of their very own conception from the state, they both agreed that the condition has rights that normal citizens are not in possession of to undertake violence.

Nevertheless , Machiavelli’s meaning of the state was the prince’s possession while Weber’s definition of the state is a government within a area that is official to use reputable physical violence. Weber’s definition of the state is more relevant to the modern knowledge of the state since it is the basis of understanding the romantic relationship between the state and its people where the observance of rules comes into play. Machiavelli’s viewpoint was more individualistic and focuses more for the politician on its own than the condition and the increased good for the public. As Thomas Hobbes stated, there is a difference between the moving of capacity to an organization rather than someone. Of course , Machiavelli did publish _The Prince_ well before Jones Hobbes’ period.


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