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Letter of complaint who term conventional paper

Excerpt from Term Newspaper:

twenty-four, 2004 in 10: 45 PM when he gave me an E. For the test. I had sent a large number of e-mails for the instructor asking for my mid-term grade, although he declared it was nonetheless under assessment.

Throughout the term

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Mr. Cameron read by an expense projector that displayed small , and blurry phrases and he often protected the words together with his hand. Consequently , it was difficult to read the text message and stick to the lectures. To fix the issue, We sent a message asking him to provide components. However , he refused to supply the information and accused me of certainly not listening to his lecture recording. I then needed to forward his email to other college students in the school to receive him to reply.

A strongly believe that I did not get an appropriate standard of interaction among students and faculty. This is an extremely vital portion of the learning application according to the guidelines for range education (WICHE) principles, -page 1 . Long distance education lectures depend on a quality address that the scholar can see and follow. Mister. Cameron’s refusal to provide info that was needed to the actual lecture was an example of low quality interactions among instructor and student.

Nov. 24, – received email from instructor 2 w / a grade of E (Thanksgiving vacation 25-27).

A received my level three weeks after the previous official time to withdraw from the course, w as well as I between this time Adam Cameron rejected to review the data that I offered to support my own answers pertaining to the midterm exam.

Mr. Cameron had not been interested in the data that I offered him to back up my answers. I had written him a message to offer him the paperwork of how We derived my answers. This individual replied backside via email stating that my test was still below review.

Mr. Cameron anxiously waited until Nov. 24 at 10: 45 PM for the Thanksgiving Event holiday to make his decision. He mentioned that t / substantial confidence which i had collaborated my answers w / 2 other students in the class. Actually, I had got my solution #3 from of the main health physics public Web sites that Mister. Cameron experienced given to myself during his class lecture. He disregarded school guidelines and policies when he offered me the more serious punishment without the evidence minus going through the proper procedures. States that he had consulted w the appropriate department officials, but this is deceiving. He submitted his email to the consultant of the Educational Program, Andrew Howard). Yet , he necessary to go through Willpower

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