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Laboratory report stage load check essay

Aim: To determine the power characteristics of the rock making use of the point insert test and image judgement. Materials

Loading device

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Loading frame


Ram memory


Rock and roll


Method (Standard, 2007)

1 . Measure the dimensions of the rock and roll which includes the diameter and length

2 . Find the space to size ratio to ascertain which check will be used. If the ratio is definitely greater than 1 use diametrical test. However, if the ratio is usually between zero. 6 and 1 make use of axial check

3. The axial evaluation was performed for this ordinary which is then simply placed in the loading unit upright and closed the platens so they are lined up to the hub

4. Improve the load right up until failure and record the length between the platens

5. Record the inability load and mode for the rock



Strength characteristic of your rock can be an integral part in engineering and geotechnical practice as it can be the camp of framework or the framework itself hence the point check was put to use to determine this kind of crucial variable.

The rock can be initially a round cylindrical shape that is certainly intact. Through the testing this split within a roughly 2: 3 rate vertically with the load of 21. 373kN with the platen distance of 29mm. From your experimental info and computations of the rock and roll, the UCS has benefit is of much more than 250MPa plus the Is of 15. 54MPa indicating that it is an incredibly strong ordinary with class R6 (Hudson & Harrison, 1997). This kind of highlights that just the working of a geological hammer can put a dint in it, whether it were to be examined in thefield. Therefore the ordinary is a great intact mountain consisting of largely both dark and light off white coarse grains as well as other minerals such as feldspar- white mineral deposits, quartz- transparent and dark minerals and mica- creamy white nutrient which fits a description of the extremely good intrusive granitic. (Plummer, ou al., 2012)


Total determining the effectiveness of a ordinary through point load test out yields the key values such as UCS that has been over 250Mpa and Is of 10. 54MPa highlighting that the rock is quite strong and combined with the visible inspection of grey rough grained the conclusion is that the rock is a very good granite.



Hudson, J. A. & Harrison, J. L., 1997. Engineering Rock Technicians. 1st male impotence. Oxford: Elsevier Science Limited.. Plummer, C. C., Carlson, D. H. & Hammersley, L., 2012. Physical geology. 14th education. California: McGraw- Hill Degree. Standard, A., 2007. WHILE 4133. four. 1 Strategies of testing rock for engineering purposes, Nsw: Standard Sydney Limited.


1 ) 1 Calculations

1 ) Point weight strength index (Is)

2 . Is(50)

a few. UCS

1 ) 2 Primary diameter of test stones

1 . a few Strength information of mountain

1 . 4 Strength correlationa


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