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John irvng s description in the personality of

A Prayer Pertaining to Owen Meany

In John Irving’s A Prayer pertaining to Owen Meany, Harriet Wheelwright doesn’t act like a stereotypical grandmother. Not only does she constantly voice her opinions, although she’s likewise quick to guage anyone and everyone. While not conventional, Johnny’s grandmother cares for him and Owen in her very own special way through an interesting relationship although it may seem condescending towards others.

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Granny Wheelwright has a personality almost all her individual. Just as older generations often do, the lady complains about the new technological developments and exactly how life was much better in the olden days while even now enjoying them “My granny observed that television was draining what scant lifestyle remained¦’clean out of them’, yet your woman instantly craved a TV of her own” (Irving 257). Irving uses the hypocritical separate within the distance between the more mature and younger generations to use and draw attention to however, what is strange. As a direct descendant of the Gravesend’s founders, she needs herself to take care of a certain standard of status through her elegant clothing and demonstration of wealth- in cases like this being through the purchase of a television.

Harriet criticizes the most up-to-date television due to its lifesucking characteristics but whilst falls victim to the competition of keeping program the social norms on her sky-high status.

With the use of irony Irving extends the reason of Harriet’s elevated status with the associated snobby frame of mind, and attributes of the older generations. Exemplified through her sharp, condescending tone and high-class life style it is surprising that Harriet would succumb to such a petty extravagant as a television. She epitomizes the idea of older people getting caught in their methods. However , actually for someone of her socioeconomic status, a new technological expansion proves hard to resist. Life arrives at a place where people have to start changing with the moments, and Harriet unintentionally discovers herself in this stage. As well, the addition of the television set levels her together with the general inhabitants of Gravesend, including Owen Meany. Not really the unrealistic Harriet Wheelwright, with her lavish clothing and overzealous sentiments may overcome these cravings for any television. This kind of shows that deep down, although not with frequency, she stocks qualities together with the majority of Gravesend’s residents which in turn enables her to truly interact with and relate with the economically disadvantaged Owen. This example of irony helps the reader to higher understand the psyche of Harriet Wheelwright, instantly, she won’t seem so cold and unfeeling ever again.

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