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Introduction to Duty of Care in Health Essay

1 . 1 Obligation of care is your responsibilities and legal obligations associated with an individual or organisation. We need to adhere to a standard of sensible care within our work position.

1 . two The duty of care affects my job role as it is a need that I am aware of the policies and procedures set up within my department and the Trust as a whole. It is important that I be involved in regular teaching events to ensure my familiarity with these guidelines and procedures is relevant and up-to-date. This consists of manual controlling, fire security, safeguarding, scientific skills, contamination prevention and information governance. 2 . one particular Dilemmas that can arise between your duty of care and an individual’s rights during my role are if a patient were to disclose information of abuse, I might have an obligation to pass this info on to relevant staff members set up patient explained in self-confidence.

If a employee was carrying out something that can compromise the care of an individual, it would be my personal duty to report such behaviour to management. Likewise, if I was asked to accomplish something that I had been not competent at doing or perhaps using a tool in an hazardous way, it would be my work and my own individual right to refuse since it could result in problems for a patient, me or friend. 2 . a couple of I would be capable of geting additional support and guidance about how to fix such issues by talking to my line manager. If the dilemma included a friend and I thought there could be bad attitudes against me, there is a whistleblowing policy in place. In the event the dilemma was concerning protecting, I could speak with the shielding team about my concerns.

I could utilize InSite to look at policies and procedures and i also could speak to senior associates of personnel. 3. 1 If an individual is producing a issue to you or perhaps has asked to speak to someone about making a problem, it is important to be calm, always be polite and listen to them, there may be just one way of resolving the problem without making a formal complaint. Do not be patronising or cynical, don’t quote policies or perhaps lose your temper. a few. 2 The key points of decided procedure for managing complaints are: Listen properly and show sympathy. Confirm and agree the detail in the complaint.

Record the grievance formally using the verbal problem record and be sure a copy can be passed on to your line administrator and the grievances office. Be alert to privacy issues seek agreement as necessary. Always offer a great apology this is not acknowledgement of responsibility. Confirm what you will be undertaking to resolve the complaint. If the complaint is often more appropriately managed by another member of staff, explain this to the complainant and hand over’ to the ideal staff member.

Agree the timeframes within which you will be revealing back to the complainant Within the focus on of 48hrs. Respond for the complainant within the agreed timescale. Indicate clearly the detail of any kind of action that is to be taken as a result of the problem.

Should the complainant obtain a drafted response, assure your series manager understands and response action, as appropriate arranged with the complaints office. Facilitate implementation of any decided action.

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