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Internet Marketing – Acquisition and Retention Essay

The methods of doing business include really changed as the effect of globalization has causes several flexibilities and easiness in our lifestyles and everyday life. Many businesses think it is costly to open it in a physical location and expanding through outlets, which regularly does not focus on large target audience. Therefore , many organisations are starting through internet in which they can focus on customers via all over the world, marketplace their products or services quickly and economically, and receive payments right away.

Not only this, these businesses that do not work virtually and possess physical places are finding it more effective and financially good for market many through internet, and that precisely what is called Online marketing. Internet marketing as well contains the components of Direct Advertising, where the advertising of products is performed online including, websites (ResearchStarters, 2008). It does not mean that when ever businesses are started out online they will always preserve costs and become successful; in fact , many businesses are unsuccessful due to a lot of factors and one significant of them can be poor sales strategies.

Of course , the consumers probably would not have virtually any idea that a new business is that as an example, sells sports jerseys, through its website. The target industry should have to be made aware of that business, the items, new offers/deals, customer value, feedback, and so forth Therefore , this all requires the organization to use effective marketing equipment and tactics where it could convey the message towards the audience, win over them, influence them to purchase, and provide reviews.

Businesses are able to use online marketing strategies such as, creating websites that grab the interest of the consumers at first sight, power them to check out, make them understand that they are anything for the business, provide them with convenience in internet shopping, and let all of them give a probability to give a feedback. In addition, businesses may also use the technique of mass-emailing to the consumers or prospective customers whether they will be individuals or other agencies. Placing ads on popular and most-visited websites is another approach but is pretty expensive.

And then, the use of social networking websites such as, Fb, Twitter, and MySpace, can be lucrative because it is inexpensive and targets broad variety of audience. Buyer Acquisition and Retention There is absolutely no doubt about the fact it takes a organization much more to pay in acquiring new clients than to retain the old or perhaps present buyers. The reason being that the acquisition of clients require the business enterprise to execute market research, goal them in a new way, shape the products or services in respect to their demands, reposition the brand name that might damage it, and shape the marketing strategies appropriately.

These all result in occurring a lot more costs for the company; whereas, retaining aged or present customers is quite prolific simply because they have already tried out the products, come with an image for doing it, know the organization and its popularity, and most notably can result in advertising them through word-of-mouth. Different marketing strategies to get retaining these kinds of customers consist of offering these people membership programs, building great relationships with them, increasing the contact with them, requesting them to get feedback about whether they will be satisfied or not, enhancing support for these people, and which makes them realize that they are part of the database and are presented importance (Hughes, 2010).

Furthermore, retention of customers require the organization to restore and deliver innovative features and qualities in their items to make individuals dormant consumers restart purchasing the products in the event that they have stopped to. We have a rule called 80/20 secret, which means that 80 percent of the revenue comes from twenty percent of the faithful customers. Consequently , businesses must not feel troubled if they must invest more on those customers because they are offering them with even more sales. So , companies can easily conduct sales promotion actions or additional marketing campaigns for rejuvenating them and milking them.

Likewise, when businesses get to know that their certain customers have got stopped buying the products, they have to conduct surveys where they must ask absolutely free themes what were the reason because of which they ended buying, what flaw that they saw in it, what improvements they desire, etc (Businessfast4ward, 2010).

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