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Insurance company i m mr times case study

Excerpt from Case Study:

Insurance Company:

My name is Mr. By and my Stateside insurance plan number is definitely 123123. I have been a faithful policyholder intended for five years. This notice addresses rejected claim xyz, regarding the destruction done to my personal Chevy Antelope on December 18, 2011.

I approached Stateside quickly upon the night of the accident to file a claim, and there is a record of my personal claim in the database. I issued a sworn, documented statement within the phone to a Stateside insurance representative referred to as Lisa, one of your claims handlers. However , Recently i received a letter from your organization, educating me that my assert was rejected. I are writing this kind of letter to appeal the choice.

As I up to date Stateside at the moment, I was traveling home from your movie theater that night when the car accident occurred. Evening was very cold, and the roads had not been sufficiently salted. My personal car skidded on several black ice cubes and I was unable to control the car because of this. The car damaged into a near by lamp post. I was not injured, although my car sustained key damage to the front of vehicle more than $2, 500, which I have had to pay out-of-pocket since my claim was rejected.

Underneath the circumstances, it was impossible to control the car. The reason that black ice is so hazardous is that it truly is virtually undetectable through the driver’s point-of-view. I was driving with my lights on, wearing my own seatbelt, and was not talking on my mobile phone or otherwise diverted. No one different was in the vehicle and I has not been driving more than the speed limit. I have a clean driving record with no history of any reckless traveling. Despite the dark-colored ice, the street was not blacklisted off or otherwise prohibiting drivers from entering.

Given the unavoidable character of the accident, I pleasantly ask that you just reconsider my personal claim. I’ve faithfully paid my rates to your business for the past five years together with the expectation that, if necessary, you will fulfill your obligations to me, if I were in an incident. Indeed, during the incident although I was shaken, I felt organization and unshakable in my conviction that my personal claim will be fulfilled provided the circumstances.

In the event that my declare is declined I am sad to say that I will be seeking elsewhere for a company in order to meet my insurance needs. In respect to Stateside’s promotional books, it will often ‘be there’ for me while i am in need although I am sad to say that the has not been the situation, based upon this kind of experience. My spouse and i admit that I was crushed when I been aware of your decision, psychologically as well as economically.

Please get in touch if you need more information on this matter. I have dependable in your company for many years to supply me with comprehensive insurance coverage and attempted to maintain my personal record as being a good rider. Your company is in debt for me the same consideration inturn. There is no proof that I acted in bad hope regarding my personal driving, and $2, five-hundred is a extensive sum to pay out-of-pocket.

Please reexamine your decision, and i also will continue to be a faithful Stateside driver.

Yours truly

Mr. X

Special Friend:

Can you believe it? I paid my monthly premiums to Statewide for five years nevertheless the one

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